Sunday, September 30, 2012

Special Feature: Winners of my Azta Urban Salon Giveaways

Here's a special blog post on the winners of my Ombre and Digiperm giveaways courtesy of Azta Urban Salon. I've received emails from them that the makeovers were truly life changing so I hope this inspires them (and my other readers) to experiment more with hairstyles and hair colors once in a while :)

First up, Mishie Rendon. Mishie is a ex-cheerleader, future lawyer and yummy Mommy to Z. She really needed something to amp up her look, and winning the contest was just serendipitous! She opted for a blond ombre which gave more texture and dimension to her hair. You can read about her experience here.

Read more about Mishie and her fashion adventures at LBD & Onesies.

Next is Aileen Adalid who is a corporate woman by day and a blogger-slash-foodie by night. To accentuate her heart-shaped face and her delicate features, she got a red ombre makeover for an edgier look. Check out her ombre experience here.

Read more about Aileen and her food exploits at and

And just recently, here are my lucky readers who won a Digiperm makeover:

Visual artist and photographer Diane Rosales of

Irene Grace Fernandez who just turned 18 (woohoo!) and wanted vavavoom hair.

Once again, congratulations to  you guys! Benefits Salon will be sponsoring something really exciting for my birthday giveaway this October, so stay tuned for that :)


  1. I have yet to avail my prize. I'll have to schedule that soon! :)

    1. Hi April! I'll include your photos here, too! Btw, Benefits Tomas Morato is open na :)

  2. Loved the makeovers, especially the ombre hair color. Soo adventurous! And I know Diane! She was my org-mate in college. :D

    1. Hi Helen! Yes, the red ombre has been tugging at my heartstrings lately, bagay kay Aileen :) BTW, sent you an email :)

  3. Love your post about the Ombre hair. I had mine done too several months back but mine was a disaster/funny story! Azta Urban Salon was actually the one who saved my hair! LOL

    Was blog walking and came across your blog. Love the content! I followed your blog, and I hope you can check mine out too :) More power to you!

    XOXO (