Monday, September 3, 2012

Share: Argan Oil for Skin and Hair?

Argain Oil is the next big thing. I've heard so many people sing its praises, and if you notice (or scrutinize cosmetic labels like I do) almost all beauty and cosmetic products today purport to contain this "liquid gold" ingredient.

While I wasn't too sold on the idea initially, Jude Hipolito (master cutter and hair stylist extraordinaire) highly recommended that I use this to revive my dry and chemically-damaged hair. He was pitching the original Moroccan Argan Oil which cost about Php4,000+, I could only afford this Snoe Beauty alternative which costs only Php 799. Both are said to contain 100% Argan oil which means the benefits should be identical, right?

I can't write a proper review just yet as I only started using this today, I want to know if Argan Oil in general worked well for you. Do you use it on your face/body/hair? What changes have you noticed? Which brand do you use, how much did you pay for it and how long did it last?

Feel free to comment below and let me know if indeed this is a wonderful product :)


  1. I currently use Jojoba oil and have been for 2 years now. I bought mine from the US and I LOVE it. I want to try Argan oil too, but can't afford it atm. :( Can't wait to hear how it goes!

    1. Hi Chrissy! Oo nga ano, that I haven't tried. Do you use it on your face, hair and body? I always see jojoba oil in Healthy Options, mahal din sya e.

  2. I've been wanting to try this but it is just expensive for me... good to know that Snoe has it, might check this out and I will wait for your review :)

    1. Alex swears by it, kaya pati ako na-convince! Haha :)

  3. It's good to know that there is a cheaper alternative out there!


  4. I swear by it, Kira!

    I used to have so many little bumps on my scalp that itched so much and bled due to stress, topped with so much dandruff... ive gone to several dermatologists and used their prescribed creams and shampoos... but the bumps would recur and my head became one big itch, and caused so much hairfall! it was my problem for 2 yrs :(

    my cousin from the US came to visit last year, and i saw her use argan oil on her hair, and said that this revitalized her dry locks. I found one store here in manila (Souq) which sells pure argan oil at P1,000/bottle.. so i bought it and gave it a try, kahit mahal. I miss my bouncy hair and healthy scalp eh :(

    I tell you Kira, argan oil is a wonder oil tlaga :) it healed my head scars/itch, and i would even apply it to my face whenever i see little lines, hehe! you can also apply it to bites para di mangitim.

    Snoe has also their argan oil conditioner (aptly called "hair heroes") -- and it made my hair so soft and bouncy again, and my scalp healthy! no more dandruff too! :)

    After drying my hair, i either use Snoe's leave on conditioner with argan oil (thermal shield and UV barrier) or Organix's renewing moroccan argan oil (in Trinoma or Watson's SM MOA) :)

    you'll see the difference, try it! [haba ng review ko no! i'm spreading word kasi how wonderful argan oil is! :)] good luck, ill wait for your review!

    1. Hi Mills!

      I appreciate long comments, so I was enjoying while reading your reply :)

      Glad to know that Argan Oil has worked for you! I am currently using the Snoe variant at night, it might flatten the curls kasi kaya I don't use it in the morning. Will definitely try their Hair Heroes next, everyone has been raving about it!

      Anyway, how big is your Souq argan oil? If it's bigger than Snoe's I'd say it's a good deal for Php1,000! I saw the Organix one but it's not pure Argan Oil, it has a lot of dimethicones mixed in that's why I didn't purchase it.

      Mills, thanks again taking the time to share your thoughts on Argan Oil! Now I am more than excited to use mine on a daily basis :)

  5. You're welcome! Thanks for reading my reply as well! :)

    Anyhoo, i dont like the heavy feeling of leave-on conditioners din coz it makes my hair too straight, so i use the Snoe night variant spray on in the morning... bsta may argan, haha!

    Regarding the argan oil from Souq Organics, it's P1,500 pala for 30ml.. lasted me for at least 5 mos, because you only get to use 3 drops for your face and wherever :D

    Ill wait for your review on Snoe's argan oil, coz ill prolly buy one kasi its more affordable! hehe!

    thanks again Kira for your time! :)

  6. Hi Kira,

    Im currently using Argain Oil from Souq Organics as my make up base in the morning - at first I dodn't see any significant changes that merited the raves. However I continued using it because I thought sayang naman if I stopped and, in fairness I was surprised to find that although its oil it was easily absorbed by my skin. All I needed was to pat on my face powder in the morning and I didn't look or feel greasy. So after a few weeks, I noticed that the fine lines under my eyes were less noticeable and my skin was smoother. Haven't used it yet for my hair but with all the comments here, might actually try it :)

    1. Thanks Candz! Souq's Argan Oil seems to be the crowd favorite! I'll check that out when I run out of my Snoe Argan Oil :)