Saturday, September 8, 2012

OOTD: Break the Monotony

Went out today to watch "The Possession", a movie where the "dybbuk" (a Jewish demon) is contained in a little chest and is on the search for a body to possess. The dybbuk preferred the innocent and pure of heart. Well, the movie wasn't really that scary ("Insidious" still takes the cake), it was just okay. Believe me, after watching you will still be able to sleep without a night light on ;)

Now who's excited to watch "Sinister" and "Insidious 2"? *Kira raises hand and waves it frantically*

I wanted to take a break from wearing jeans (I've been wearing them all week) and took my favorite tiered skirt out for a spin. On account of having too many blacks and greys in my closet, I used my new satchel thoughtfully sent by Irene of Lean and Fab for that much-needed touch of whimsy.

V-Neck: Solo | Tiered Skirt: Lush Angel at BU | Quilted flats: Payless Shoesource
Bracelets: Accessorize and Bedazzle
Satchel: Lean and Fab International
I am also wearing VMV Hypoallergenics Lipstick in Strawberry Fields, been waiting for this baby for months as it is almost always sold out. Click here for the review. 

The bag is so pretty! FYI, I will also be raffling off a similar satchel next month! My birthday's coming up (eep, I'm old na!) and I'm putting together a humble giveaway for my readers. Stay tuned! :)


  1. I love the bag too! I'm excited for the giveaway. :)

    1. Hi April! Yaay so happy that you're excited :) Congrats on winning my Digiperm giveaway. Take photos ha :)

  2. ~ haha! so you're a fan of horror movies as well! I am too, although i cover up my eyes around 65% of the movie, haha! *scaredycat*

    Agree with you - "Insidious" was just so horrifyingly good! I rarely watch US horror movies coz they're not really scary... but that one, especially the last scene, is still embedded in my head months after I watched it on cable! cant wait for "Insidious 2"! :D

    1. Correct! It's so scary! I can't wait, gusto ko yung di ako makatulog sa takot! Hahaha :D