Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Soul Card Reading Session

I went to Cubao Expo the other day for my Soul Card Reading session with Sandy. I was ushered to a small room on the second floor of The Reading Room for my one o'clock appointment. I didn't know what to expect. I had known Sandy for many years but this is the first time I will be consulting [with] her. The room was quaint and welcoming, I was told that it was also dubbed the "crying room" because more often than not, all your emotions will pour out once Sandy "reads" the cards.

Albeit my initial hesitation, I was happy I had my cards read. Take note that Sandy is not a fortune teller (she loathes that term) rather she reads the person brave enough to sit in front of her (in this case, me), intellectually discuss any personal problems or agendas and answer any questions that person may have pertaining to the future.

The moment I sat down (despite my usual cheery personality), Sandy knew what was bothering me. She said I look exhausted and although my quick reaction was to blame work, she said, "No, something else is bothering you. You are extremely exhausted." Sandy was referring to something more personal. I was emotionally exhausted. Extremely.

Leaf of Faith by Erika Nelson
For someone who takes only calculated risks, I took a HUGE leap of faith, even though I knew there wasn't any safety net to catch me --- it was a risk, and I believe in taking risks no matter how little, otherwise how will we learn? Wouldn't life be so boring if we only stuck with the familiar?

To quote "This Love" by The Script:
Love is why we do it, love is worth the pain
Love is why we fall down, get back up again
Love is where the heart lies, love is from above
Love is this, this is love
Time flies but you're the pilot
It moves real fast but you're the driver
You may crash and burn sometimes
But I won't say that hey, "I'm all better after the session" because there is still a  lot of work to be done. But hopefully in the next 3 months...maybe up to next year, I'll be better. So much better, that I will look back and chuckle at everything. I'll be myself and be ridiculously happy. And hopefully, I get to tick off another item from my bucket list -- 2013 I cannot wait!

If you have unanswered questions about maybe your life, direction, career, love, etc., you can consult Sandy and she will help you realize what you have to do. With her soothing voice and objective answers, it's very easy to open up to her.

Thank you, Sandy, for putting things into perspective. I'll work hard on improving myself and loving myself more.

Kindly text 0917.535.5974 / 0922.835.5974 for bookings. 


  1. travel through the rest of life (which is stilll a looooong, loooong time road ahead) at your own pace :)

    1. Thanks Vivi! I always like the comments/advices you leave on my blog :D

  2. Hi Kira, I'd be having my soul card reading session with Sandy tomorrow. I'm excited and scared at the same time. xD


    1. It's fun actually! Let me know how it goes, ha! :D Goodluck :D