Monday, September 17, 2012

Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover

I was in search of translucent powder for many weeks, I went around Landmark looking for something interesting to try. My previous VMV Illuminants Powder Foundation was okay, but I wanted something that was finer in texture.

And then all of a sudden, I remembered my Majolia Majorca Pressed Pore Cover (Php 850) which I got from a press launch last year (or was that 2 years ago?). I've heard many people rave about it so it was only fitting that I try it out and review it on my blog.

The Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover is a finely-milled powder that gives a brightening effect on my skin. As a translucent powder, it works wonderfully to blur pores and seal in liquid makeup (in my case, I use this over VMV's Skin Savvy N1). It feels very, very light and does not cake when I retouch mid day.

As it is in pressed powder form, (there's a sponge included but not in the photograph) it is very handy to bring around or stash in your purse. It's worth mentioning that the compact itself is very tres cute!

The downside is it may look too light on deeper complexions. Oil control is also so-so, you still need blotting papers if you oil up a lot (I blot up to twice a day). But as finishing powders go, this product performs really well at giving me that much-needed airbrushed finish. My skin looks flawless with this on, swear.

Overall, I do like the effect of this product and I see myself using this for many months. Please note that this is a translucent setting powder and does not offer any coverage.

Have you tried the Majolia Majorca Pressed Pore Cover?
What are your thoughts on it? :)


  1. the packaging is super duper cute! I'm currently on a lookout for a nice compact and it seems this is pretty nice! I'm so going to check this out! Thanks for sharing ^_~

    1. Yup, it is! I really love this translucent powder because it really blurs our pores when used on top of foundation. Makes my skin look "airbrushed" :)

  2. I chanced upon this cool product when i read your kris kringle blog entry, and i knew i just had to read your review! :) bought one and so far, i'm liking it..i use it over my BB cream, and it does blur pores! i also like that it's translucent so it does not add "whiteness" to the face :) thanks to you for another cool find Kira! :)

    1. Hi azetreseralc09! I'm glad you love it! :) Yes, it does work nicely over liquid foundation and/or bb cream, right? Such a great find and so affordable too!