Friday, August 31, 2012

The Avon Plant Tour: Where the Magic Begins

We know how powerful a tube of lipstick is. And I admit, when I'm in the dumps or just itching to change my look I turn to lipstick as my saving grace. What's not to like about lipstick? It's cheap, readily available, comes in pretty casings and it promises you the sun, the moon, the stars -- or sometimes even just the lingering look of a stranger is enough to validate our lipstick splurges. Hay naku, lipsticks are every girl's waterloo.

My first tinted lip balm (which I considered a lipstick back then) was from Avon. I was only 10 and my Tita was an Avon Lady. And that started my lifelong affair with the brand :)

So when I was invited to Avon's plant tour a few weeks ago, I wanted to scream "YES" at the top of my lungs! I can finally see, with my very eyes, how the eponymous Avon lipsticks are made plus know more about their best-selling Skin So Soft lotions. So, here's a quick tour of the huge Avon plant located in Calamba, Laguna.

Impressively, Avon has been beautifying and helping women achieve their full potential for 125 years! That is quite a feat! And it's no wonder that Avon is THE number 1 company for women.

Trivia: Did you know that Avon acquired BeautyFont, Inc. (ask your Moms about this famous brand) back in the day and APMI (Avon Products Manufacturing Inc.) is their production center. Most of the ingredients are imported BUT the products are manufactured in the Phils. and then exported to other countries.

We were all excited to go on the guided tour, but first we were properly briefed by Sir Santi and Sir Joey. We all donned lab gowns, tucked our hair underneath caps, kept our jewellery and sanitized our hands. Avon takes quality assurance seriously and we were all made to abide by these rules and dress codes (no sleeveless, shorts, slippers, etc.).

Upon entering, this very thoughtful sign greeted us! Avon, we love you already!

The first stop is the Lipstick Flaming Area where the lipsticks are molded, packaged, then flamed for that glossy finish.

The girls are well-trained and very meticulous. They can can easily spot imperfections and irregularities even when the conveyor belts churns out lipsticks like mad.

Up on the second floor is the area where all the formulations are mixed. Avon takes pride in innovation, as such instead of having the mixtures pumped into their respective containers, Avon just lets gravity take the wheel. These mixtures naturally flow downward, thus saving overhead costs and conserving energy to boot.

And if that isn't enough, the place has numerous solar panels/tubes that ensure proper lighting and energy efficiency even during gloomy days.

Sir Santi and Sir Joey were very patient and answered all of our burning questions. Some of the places we went to didn't allow taking of photos, like the Quality Assurance area below.

But let me tell you that Avon places customer safety first and foremost and as such, they extensively test the integrity of their ingredients and how they will react in our tropical weather. And the chemicals that test these ingredients are also heavily tested to ensure accuracy. You can rest easy that you are receiving a quality Avon product wherever you are located in the world.

I noticed that everyone is happy with their jobs, notice the girl in the back having fun :)

And finally, the star of the tour: the new Avon Skin So Soft Lotions!

Remember the part where the mixtures naturally flow into containers? Well, this is the perfect example of how it all works.

Presenting the new Skin So Soft lotions infused with Argan OilMarula Oil and Babassu Oil

On another note, here are photos of how the deodorants are packed, notice that the guy is smiling, too!

Did you know that during the peak months this factory churns out hundreds of thousands of products? And where do these products go? Well, to their giant warehouse of course!

with Shen :)

Thank you to Avon and Ogilvy for this wonderful opportunity to discover and learn the scientific process behind the brand. Would you believe, a seemingly simple product (such as a lipstick) is arduously  backed up by numerous studies from the formulation to the packaging itself. 

And what's truly impressive for me is the fact that Avon offers quality products manufactured using only the best machines, and yet they can offer them at affordable prices (some even as low as Php 199). That truly is putting the consumer first and foremost, and profits second!

So the next time you order an Avon product and it is promptly delivered by your Avon Lady, take the time to appreciate the little things -- the science, aesthetics, and research all passionately done by hardworking professionals -- and smile a little. They've been created by expert hands in order to bring joy to their customers' faces :)

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  1. gosh! it's my dream to enter the avon plant! couldnt imagine the how those products where made and you gave me an idea!