Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Solo x Pupung Campaign: Brings back my childhood memories

Growing up, I remember having breakfast reading the Pupung cartoons on Manila Bulletin everyday, this was my no-fail ritual before heading off to school. My Mom, the thoughtful and kind person that she is, made sure that everything was ready before I plopped myself on that breakfast chair. Come college, I even ate in the Pupung restaurant along Vito Cruz and my fave dish was their boneless bangus.

I haven't read any Pupung cartoons in the last decade, for one reason or another, I almost totally forgot about them! So imagine how thrilled I was when I found out that Solo has now collaborated with illustrator Tonton Young and created a Pupung clothing line! Wow!

Who is Pupung? (press release) 

Pupung was created in 1983 by Tonton Young and he was real. The real-life Pupung is Tonton’s 6-year old nephew, Jeff Young with a nickname Pupung. He chose the name Pupung for his comic strip title because it sounds cartoon.  Pupung dad’s was created after his likeness in basketball. Just like Daddy, Tonton is a big basketball fan and was a self-confessed basketball buff during his teen years.
The comics strip revolves around the family of Pupung and their hilarious adventures. The story is based on Tonton’s everyday life, tending to his family’s restaurant business (like Lolo Dom and Dad), play basketball on weekends (just like all the characters in Pupung).  The comics strip focuses on Philippine pop culture, fascination with basketball as well as business trends and rarely tackles political issues.  Pupung became popular for its punchlines and the humor used in the strip is lighter than other Filipino comic strips which gives it a family-oriented theme.  Up to this day, Pupung appears in Manila Bulletin and continues to make Pinoys laugh everyday.
I visited the Solo store in Trinoma today and saw a handful of fresh deliveries, the other designs are set to be displayed in the next few weeks. Here's a sneak peek:

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  1. I used to love pupung! THis is awesome.. I'm gonna get myself some of those cups. :D

    1. Hi Chrissy! They've got quite a selection, I think I may be getting those tumblers/cups too :)