Saturday, August 4, 2012

Photo Story: I was hugged by Niccolo Cosme!

I just got home from a fun shoot with a few bloggers. It was my first and I'm not so confident that I did a good job with it *facepalm* I really can't model or pose for the life of me, so if you guys see the end result, please don't mock me. Haha.

Anyway, I was told that the awesome (and too cute) Niccolo Cosme would be shooting us, pressure right? But he's so nice and encouraging that well, okay, I'd love to do another shoot with him in the future. Tee-hee.

So here's what went down one rainy Saturday afternoon:

ze magic begins! (thanks Krissy for the photo)
our makeup courtesy of Alyssa -- I love my whole look!
Trixie from Nuffnang, Krissy, Nikki, Me
ang ganda namin! (photo from Krissy)
Trixie, Nikki, Niccolo, Me, Krissy
He hugged me! I am so kilig!
thank you Nikki for this photo :D
Stay tuned this August for the launch of this exciting campaign! :)

PS: Niccolo is so gwapo, right? Le sigh. 


  1. I can still feel your kilig haha ♥

  2. Too bad I wasn't there but wow! I like your make up and the hug photo with Niccolo! <3

    1. Hay naku, Jel, buti wala ka! I'm perpetually shy and I can't pose for the life of me kaya kinakabahan ako sa outcome ng photos ko. Eeep!