Saturday, August 25, 2012

Eat Happy at Candylicious!

Owkay, it's obvious that the most important highlight of my Singapore trip was the dreaded (yet totally memorable) "Revenge of the Mummy" ride. But ooh, lemme tell ya that we spent a good two hours walking inside Candylicious, too, my favorite candy shop to date. Love candy? Then this place is heaven for you!

Candylicious is Asia's largest candy store and offers almost 5,000 kinds of candies and chocolates. Wow! We visited their newest store in Resorts Word Singapore which boasts of 3 humongous lollipop trees. I swear, I felt so Willy Wonka that day! I really can't explain any more, so here are photos to prove how awesome this place is:

I was skipping on the way to the store....quite literally, I might add!

This was one of our first stops in Resorts World and also our last stop before heading back to the hotel. My Dad, the chocolate lover that he is, hoarded packs of Kisses, Hugs and other sweet stuff.

Have you guys been to a Candylicious shop? What did you buy? :)


  1. Why weren't we allowed to take photos inside x___x

    1. Aww..di bale you can visit now and take lots of photos :)