Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bourne Legacy + Yabu Saturday

Earlier today I went to the special screening of "Bourne Legacy" courtesy of Nuffnang Philippines (thank you so much!). It was a treat to see some bloggers that I haven't seen in a long time, hello Julia! :) I brought Paul along with me then headed to Yabu to meet up with Ana and Pax (plus Pax's fangirl, tee-hee).

my Rosu Katsu
Paul's Curry Katsu
I'm bonkers over their potato egg salad!
Pax was interviewed by her fangirl, Isa, who happened to ask her about her styling gigs. Sorry, most of the time I was spaced out enjoying my Katsu and so I didn't really listen in on their conversation :D

Then Isa handed Pax a little gift, check it out (parang proposal lang, haha)

*gasp* A gift for meeeee?
aww...such a pretty bag! 
Ana, Mich, Pax, Isa
Isa, Paul, Me

And let me end with some chismis...that someone (guess who!) bought a "One Direction CD and we ended up singing "One Thing" and "What Makes You Beautiful" in the car! Oh my gulay.

Pax has One Direction lyrics in her...cellphone?!
field trip pose!
I really had an awesome night with these guys! Everything was so random and they were all such a joy to talk to -- these guys have SO much energy, it's crazy! :D


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