Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mid-year Makeover: Win a Digiperm from Azta Urban Salon!

One of my favorite salons is back with a cool giveaway for my readers! Cross your fingers and you might just win a FREE digiperm courtesy of Azta Urban Salon in Tomas Morato.


1. Like Azta Urban Salon-Tomas Morato on Facebook and subscribe to my blog, Elegantly Wasted, through Feedburner (don't forget to activate your subscription to qualify).

2. Follow Azta Urban Salon-Tomas Morato and @kirasworld on Twitter and tweet: 

I want a mid-year makeover from @kirasworld and @aztasalontomas! 
Win a free digiperm by visiting www.kira-ramirez.com!

3. On the comments section of the blog post, tell us why you deserve to win a Digiperm and share with us how you plan to style/flaunt your new hair. Leave your full name and email, too.

4. Contest will run from July 17 - August 4, 2012. Three winners will be picked, so be creative! :)

Terms and Conditions:
* Winner will be chosen by Robina herself and notified via email.
* Giveaway only includes the Digiperm to be done at the new Azta Urban Salon in Tomas Morato.

To my previous Ombre Hair Makeover winners,  kindly email your before and after photos to hello@kira-ramirez.com so I can feature you on my blog :)


  1. kaya bang i -digiperm ang buhok ko? hahahahahaa

  2. This would be the perfect gift for my upcoming 40 something birthday (wink)! What a better way to celebrate another year than by flaunting a new look. Would still want to be looking fab even at my age. As they say, age is just a number. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up looking great wrinkles the soul.


    Bing Lorenzo

  3. It's the first time in 10 yrs that I've grown my hair this long. I've had it rebonded 3x and I think it's time for a change. But since it's will be my first ever digiperm, I've been hesitant to spend a lot on it, not to mention, confused about which salon to go to. I need to know that I'm turning my hair over to expert hands for this procedure!

    Patty Balquiedra

  4. Seeing cute korean girls with curly to wavy hair makes me want to try permed hair until I discovered recently that their's a new technology in perming the hair and it's called Digiperm. I've always adored dolls and seeing pictures of korean girls with permed hair makes them look like a living doll which is my dream. I thought that it is a dream come true until I saw the prizes which is not budget friendly to students like me. :( Since that I can't afford it, I just do an alternative to make my hair curly but still I really want to have a digipermed hair so badly. Seeing this giveaway gave hope and hoping that this would be the answer to my prayers. I hope that this will be the way to my dream of being a human doll. ^^,

    Thank you so much Azta and Miss Kira for this wonderful giveaway! ^^, More power to you!

    Lora Misolas

  5. i always fancy having a curly hair since the era of hair straightening. but it was just always a fantasy because my friends won't allow me to have my hair permed saying that i will look like a Black Nazarene. I hope to win this so I could flaunt my new look and make the world believe that hair perming is color blind :)


  6. It is actually for my sister :) She thinks she has really ugly hair and I agree :( She would always just tie her hair and cannot do anything about it. She would always say "next time" but that time never came 'coz she has to pay the bills first.

    Thank you

    leilani c. sonza

  7. Ai! hindi pala ako pwede kasi taga Cebu ako, huhu, sayang!

    1. Hi Vanessa! Don't worry we'll have more giveaways soon :)

  8. I deserve some little hair make over because my hair had always been so boring, lifeless and so out of date! I get jealous of how other girls style their hair without fears. And i need words from the experts so I'd know how to maintain a beautiful hair and getting into the trend even if I'm too busy to style out. And i think if I win this, it would mean a lot to me cause it will give that boost of confidence with just a flip of that well groomed hair and this will be the perfect gift for any girls like me who's dying for a new sweet locks! It's been ages since I had some me-and-my-hair time so I hope I have some the soonest. :) more power Ms. Kira and Azta!

    Ma. Aurea Chua

  9. I want to win this because I want a new hair style for hair. I had a bad experience when I was in Grade 3 when I tried to have my hair "kulot" in a parlor. I end up looking an ita and that was a bad hair day year experience for me! Hope this time will be a better experience for me

    Maria Christina Gumatay

  10. I've been legally straight for almost 23 years now, and the digiperm can be a great way to add oomph with the hair I was used to. Hooray! If I win, this will be an early bday gift for me on September, as cliche as it may sound I've also been dying to try a curly hair and still saving on it, kept searching for every group buying sites for promos. But hey, you guys are fairy god mothers in disguise ;) Hope I will be one of the girls to have their wish come true ;) Thank You for this give away Miss Kira and Azta Urban Salon.. Godbless ;)

    Irene Bagarra

  11. It's been 4 years since I had anything done with my hair. With giving birth and breastfeeding for the past 3 years, I think it's high time I get to have a make-over! This would be a perfect me-time for me and a reward, as I always feel guilty when I think about spending for myself instead of for the kids. I've always heard about good things about Azta Salon. So winning this giveaway would be a great treat for me!

    Cai Sio
    applesanddumplings (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. I hope to win this so I can give this to my mom. She's the one who deserves a pampering like this. I won't be able to use it anyway because I have short hair. This will be my reward to her for being a good grandmother to my daughter. We've been yaya-less for more than a year now and she's the one taking care of my 3 year-old daughter. It's such a great effort for her to go to our house everyday so my husband and I can go to work and she can stay with our kid.

    April Garcia

  13. I tried digiperm last year and now back to straight boring lifeless hair. I gained a lot of self confidence from having my hair digipermed since I got a long, straight boring hair before. I got a lot of good compliments from friends, colleagues and even from strangers! I can even market the outcome and flaunt it to other people and convince them to do the same treatment/service I got from Azta. I know I will be astonishingly glamorous with a digipermed hair. I bet it will look good on me and will give me radiance and can magnet people by flaunting my digipermed hair if given the chance to have the free service.;)And besides, I am getting a LOT of good feedback from people who got their hair digipermed from Azta. Like, it will not smell like it was newly treated with chemical and will not smell like it's newly curled from a curling iron. Hair will smell good and hair will be treated so well and rest assured your hair will not be easily damaged because of the service made. So I am just so excited to receive a surprise on my email and get a free digiperm service!:)Thank you.:)

    Sharlyn D. Arboleda

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  16. I never treated my hair for anything permanent. So when this contest came up, I knew I had to win this. Born into a family of long straight hair lineage, perming or curls have been an impossible feat. I would curl my hair (and add tons of hair spray) for an event, but it would be hopeless because after 30 minutes, it would go straight again. It's really frustrating for me since I terribly want a new hairstyle for so long. The only variation I had with my hair was either it was shorter or longer, never with exciting curls. That's my hair story since I was a kid. My boyfriend would constantly tell me that I'd look great in curls (in those few minutes he saw me wearing it), but I'd always tell him 'I wish' or 'If may pera' or worse 'Kakayanin kaya i-perm buhok ko permanently?' If given a chance to win this contest, I would rock those curls anywhere I go. Gone are the days of lifeless straight hair with a boring mix of ponytails. With curls like that, it would absolutely make heads turn.

    Diane C. Rosales

  17. When I turned 18 last June 20, 2012, I made this Bucketlist or The-things-I-wanted-to-do-now-that-I’m-18 list on my handy dandy journal and aside from the usual ‘get myself drunk’, ‘indulge myself into these yummy treats’ & the likes & I wrote there specifically on #5 ‘sport a sexy & sultry look not by showing some skin but by having my hair vavavoomed!’. SEXYHAIR, in short! I have ‘can afford’ friends & schoolmates who had their hair digipermed, some of them for some reason would even brag about it on social networking sites like tumblr, twitter & facebook so I got curious & made some research myself. And there goes that new perm technology that is less damaging and that would help you get that natural looking waves as a result. It would also be great to just wake up every morning not minding whether your hair’s a mess. Obviously, this new hair treatment is pretty pricey & being that poor-little-‘CAN’T AFFORD’-earthling that I was I decided to just well write it on my ever reliable journal & just wish on the stars that someday I might get that Taylor swift kind of locks.

    Oh well, I tried to tell my mom about this but I knew that she would say ‘No’ and I was right. I wouldn’t want to ask either for their money too just to have my whims & caprices met, because I know just how they’ve both (Mom & dad) been struggling just to have me & my brother sent to this private school, especially now that I am in college. But no I am not complaining, I totally love both of them its just that you know sometimes I really do wish that I could afford some things without actually minding the price. :D

    So this would be my reason slash story, I was really hoping to win. Who doesn’t want to anyway? And if given a chance to win I would really be glad & thankful that finally I could flaunt that sexyhair I've been wanting & that Hello-hollywood-feeling. :)) And I would be able to finally put a check on that number 5 entry on my so-called bucketlist. Thank you. :D Best of luck to everyone. :D

    Irene Grace Fernandez

  18. I came across this blog, because I was searching for a digiperm as a surprise gift for my girl on her birthday! She has been wishing to get one but was hesitant because of the prices she inquired on the salons amounting to 5,000 and up. She is practical but I sense she's eager to have a digiperm hair, she has this long straight black hair and wanted to try something new. I know this sounds corny but I wanted her to be happy, and that what matters most. Thank You in advance and Godbless you for this give away, You'll get to answer 3 peoples wishes.

    Nimrod Bacroya

  19. I have virgin hair, meaning I haven't done anything permanent to my hair, except maybe for rebonding but I only tried it once. I've had this boring hair style for years which resulted from a bad haircut when I was still a kid. When I was still 5 years old, my mom took me to the salon and cut my hair. The hairstylist cut my hair really short, like that of a boy's and I was so devastated and sad that I cried the whole day. After that, I've been really afraid of cutting my hair so I stuck with the boring hairstyle that I have now. Whenever I go to the salon, I just tell them to just trim my hair.

    Now that I'm in college, I want to cut my hair and have a new hairstyle because as I've said, I'm bored with it already. I always put my hair up in a ponytail and it's boring and damaging. Other than that, I feel like my college life is so boring, as well because of it! Haha! Now, I've been dying and wanting to perm my hair for the longest time but I'm afraid because I feel that it won't look good on me but I really want to feel different and feel better that's why I'm trying my luck now! :) Add to that, I know that perming my hair, and changing the way I look will make me feel better inside and thus, will make me more confident! :)

    Of course, I'm planning to style my "newly permed" hair as is- flowy and wavy! :) Tying my hair would just be useless because my curls will be hidden so I will flaunt my hair!!! I've never let my hair down for the longest time because I feel that it'll be too "buhaghag" and perming it will make me confident enough to just let it down. :) I really wish I win in this! :)

    Kara Amanda C. Macadangdang