Friday, July 6, 2012

Review: VMV Hypoallergenic Essence Skin-Saving Clark Wash

VMV Hypoallergenics recently came out with another sensational product -- the VMV Hypoallergenic Essence Skin-Saving Clark Wash. It is impressively 100% All-Types-Of-Fragrance-Free; 100% free of allergenic surfactants, SLS, SLES, dyes, pthalates, parabens + preservatives; non-comedogenic and usage + patch tested. 

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I am trying to get my clear and healthy skin back which means I try to hold off on unnecessary chemicals. This doesn't mean I totally swear off parabens and the like, but I try to at least minimize my chemical usage. From hereon end, less is more for me.

VMV Hypoallergenic Essence Skin-Saving Clark Wash with separate pump
One big softie. Our ultra-gentle Clark Wash is the mild-mannered “Kent” to our popular Essence Superwash Hair + Body Shampoo.

A rich, soothing, non-drying, non-irritating and rash-flaking-and-acne-preventing alternative for hair, scalp + body cleansing with super results. Provides important prevention for active therapies by keeping problems like acne, rashes and hyperpigmentation from recurring.
Skincredibly mild, hydrating + non-pore-clogging. Safe for cleansing sensitive areas. Safe for children as well as adults who shower frequently and even those with medically-managed conditions. Wonderful even on very dry, breakage-prone or treated hair and hypersenstive scalps.
Validated Hypoallergenic: VH-76/76
(sans all common allergens: extended allergen series North American Contact Dermatitis Group + standard allergen series European Surveillance System of Contact Allergies)
For men, women and children of all ages 
Price: Php 800/250ml
I've always been vocal about my admiration for VMV, telling people that growing up I saw my Mom use VMV moisturisers and loose powders. It was no surprise that I would follow suit. I've been using the Re-5 Keratin Daily Shampoo since last year since my perm but now that I'm out, I decided to try the Essence Skin-Saving Clark Wash that the kind folks over at VMV sent.

What I like it:

  • contains mild ingredients that care for sensitive skin and scalps. This shampoo did not give me dandruff or blemishes/pimples
  • comes in clear fluid formula that lathers well and rinses clean
  • in true VMV fashion, this product is  100% All-Types-Of-Fragrance-Free; 100% free of allergenic surfactants, SLS, SLES, Dyes, pthalates, parabens + preservatives; non-comedogenic and usage + patch tested
  • contains monolaurin for gentle antimicrobial protection
  • goes well with my Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner
  • unscented, great for those who are allergic to fragrances

What I don't like:

  • expensive at Php 800, but this is a small price to pay if you have really sensitive, acne-prone skin or medically-managed skin 
  • wide bottle opening that is prone to spillage, best when used with the pump which is sold separately
  • since it does not contain the usual silicones and hair softeners, I really need conditioner to make my hair feel soft and manageable


Other product photos:

Pour conclure, I really like this shampoo and I wouldn't mind purchasing this when I run out. However if the price is too steep for you you  may consider purchasing other natural/organic brands as a substitute, this is of course if you're not allergic to any of the natural ingredients.

If you're eyeing the VMV Hypoallergenic Essence Skin-Saving Clark Wash and have dry/chemically-treated hair like me, just make sure to use a good moisturising conditioner afterwards.

What about you, what's your favorite shampoo? Share them in comments section below :)


  1. Hi Kira

    This product looks so promising. Does your hair clump when you shampoo that's why you need a conditioner afterwards?


    1. Hi Michelle! My hair needs conditioner bec of the perm, it's very dry e.

  2. Like you, my hair is also digitally permed, and the best shampoo I have come across with is the Garnier Fructis Curl and Shine shampoo. It makes my curly hair soft and bouncy. It also has a conditioner, but I don't like it.