Sunday, July 22, 2012

Photo Story: Our Fun Red Mango Date

Thank you very much to Sherika of Red Mango for giving us this opportunity to enjoy the new Yuzu Lemon frozen yogurt with our readers :)

Here's what went down last July 7:

Lemuel, Sunshine, Svetlani, Krissy lining up for their frozen treats
my reader Jaja with her son Lucas
With my readers Jaja and Mizi :)
Sunshine brought these delish cupcakes from House of Silvanas
We also ordered Banana Almond Waffles
Guess who dropped by? Ana, Pax, Dani and Paul!
with Sunshine
singit lang ako, haha :)

I definitely had a great time trying out the Yuzu Lemon frozen yogurt and exchanging stories and whatnots. Thanks guys for hanging out with us and being your awesome selves :)


  1. i wish i can meet you in person too, Kira :)

    1. Next time! I'll cook up another contest :)

  2. thank you also for the chance to meet you. and thank you for the yuzu lemon swirl and the gifts :)

  3. so yummy :D im craving for sweets now :P