Sunday, July 8, 2012

Photo Story: Japan 88 Madness!

As a treat to my Mom, we visited the main showroom of Japan Home Center along Panay Ave. (near Nathaniel's) this afternoon. It's pretty big, I tell you, with home stuff on the ground floor plus food, artsy and bath items on the second floor. Check it out:

sausage plaything for dogs
sneaker air freshener
bath salts

After shopping we went to SM North to get our Quickly Taro Milk Tea fix. Yaaaay! I love Quickly!

How was your weekend? :)


  1. I visited Japan Home Centre at Edsa Shaw too last Monday, and this what I've got They have lots of goodies po no Ms.Kira? Would definitely visit it again soon. Anyway, wala pa ko money pero I am interested sa blog sale nyo, specially the ferretti flats, kasize po kayo ng mom ko. Will message you nalang kung abutan ko pa sila. Have a nice day po!

    1. Hi Jenny! Love how your were able score nice items for cheap! Good job :) Yes, if you need anything from my blog sale just message me :)

  2. i like this store too. kaso a branch opened so near our place, kaso the salesladies are a bit aloof. one time, pinapaiwan pa sa kin ang plastic bag ko na maliit, eh that's were my keys, cellphone and wallet are.hahaha, wag bang mag bag! and i ended up not going inside. second time naman, the saleslady kept on following me every aisle i go, a bit irritating especially when i want to take some time out to enjoy window shopping. so i vowed never to enter that branch again. sa ibang Japan 88 store na lang. hahahaha

  3. hello can you post the location map of japan home center?