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See you all at Objets D' Art on July 14!

Press release:

Objets D’Art, the brainchild of two highly respected accessory designers in the country, Nicole Whisenhunt and Malou Romero, and organized in collaboration with ARC Public Relations Inc, is an exclusive event aspiring to encourage growth in the Philippine industry of design by supporting local artists in fields such as jewelry, furniture and the arts.

Objets d’Art‘s very first exhibit was held last year at The Establishment, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig and turned out to be a brilliant showcase of the country’s most desirable and fanciful objects, thoroughly enjoyed by their most valued clients.

Objets D' Art: Q&A with Nicole Whisenhunt

1) How did Objets D' Art come about?
Malou and I conceptualized ODA because we felt there is a need to encourage the growth of the local Philippine lifestyle market covering area's such as art, jewelry, home objects, and accessories. 

2) How do you select the designers that join your annual trunk show?
The artists chosen are based on their creativity, talent, & accomplishments, also quality works that have the potential to compete in an international market.

3) Why is the event title "Perspectives"?
Perspectives represents the different types of artisans showcasing various lifestyle categories, each atrist embodies their own perspective in style, bringing those different perspectives into one group.   

4) What can you say about Filipino design and craftsmanship and how has it evolved?
The Filipinos have always had great craftsmanship and resources to design, but more than the evolution of the craftsmanship, I feel the main evolution is the progress in our design theories of the artists of today. Filipino design has grown on a globally competitive scale in the sense that many of our artists & designers today think "out of the box", they aim to create a new idea and their own identity. We see this more and more as our art & designers or brands are being recognized in the international scene.  

5) Why did you choose Rockwell as your venue for this year's event?
Rockwell patronizes the arts. If you notice many of their buildings are titled after great Philippine artists such as Joya, Manansala, Edades, Luna, etc. Together with Rockwell Land, Objets d'Art aims to supprt & encourage our aspring and well-accomplished artists of today.

The venue chosen is at the East Function room of One Rockwell, one of Rockwell's newest towers. Many of the objects to be exhibited are very precious- from the art work, sculptures, jewelry, etc. and we needed an indoor venue that can house these pieces in an exclusive & ambiant environment.

6) What can people expect to see/experience when they visit the trunk show?
Tina Fernandez of Art Informal will be exhibiting some impressive art works as well as sculptures by contemporary artists. While one of the more in demand brands nowadays, Narra will be unveiling their second collection. Also, in their first local exhibit is the very talented Noli Coronado (was once a sculpture for Marvel figurines) & Dante Dizon for 13 Lucky Monkeys who will be creating a special show piece for the ocassion. Most of the designer's & artists are encouraged to create one unique piece which may be a completely different concept from their field.

7) How it it different from any other "selling" event? 
The aim of ODA is to exhibit the designers or artists work, bring diversity in terms of design and aesthetics, ODA is more of an awareness of Philippine talent and local lifestyle created by these individuals.

8) What is the vision of Objets D' Art?
The objective of ODA is to create an environment where art & design meet under one venue, to showcase emerging Philippine talent, creativity, and artists or designers who will be the emerging brands to compete in a global arena.

9) Who are the new designers in the lineup and what can you say about them?
More than half of the exhibitors in the Perspectives trunk show are new to the exhibit. Amongst them are Gabriel Martel, a brand who is already making waves in the European market, Narra by Bea Ledesma & Ria Prieto set an example of stylish, simple sculptured jewelry that exude the perfect idea of exotic modern times, Riqueza by Erica Concepcion-Reyes an artist who takes her inspiration from intricate antique Philippine jewelry giving of the essence of rich estate jewels, Maxine Syjuco a poet, photographer and painter described as a dark, sensual artist and many more rising accomplished artists/designers.

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See you all at Objets D'Art! 

Date: July 14, 2012 
Time: 10am - 7pm 
Venue: One Rockwell East Function Room


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