Monday, July 23, 2012

I got my hakaw fix!

For almost 2 weeks, I've been craving for hakaw! And I'm picky about it, too! I ordered some at Mann Hann on a whim but didn't like it -- it was too maharina for me, so I just ate a couple. What a waste! The best and one of the cheapest I've tried so far is at Yang Chow Dimsum & Teahouse in Centris, Quezon City (near the Quezon Ave. MRT station).

So even if I am currently nursing a tummy ache which rendered me powerless for one day (I skipped work today because it kept rumbling and I had to go several times to the....oh wait, TMI!), here I am posting about what I ate over the weekend.

Pray for me that my tummy ache subsides soon, because I really hate having to lie down in bed all day. Boo.

hakaw at Php70/4 pcs (90% shrimp!)
yang chow--but of course!
beef tendon hotpot
Aside from good food and affordable prices, their branch in Centris is always clean. The staff religiously cleans the floor, wipes the tables and chairs after every meal. It can get pretty full come dinner time, and I wish the staff were friendlier though. There seems to be a lot of negative reviews from customers who dined at their Libis branch. 

Have you guys tried Yang Chow Dimsum & Teahouse? Where else do you go for good hakaw? :)


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