Monday, July 30, 2012

Heavy, tired legs? Try the Yves Rocher SOS Heavy Legs Lotion

I am most insecure about my legs because (eep) I always experience that heavy feeling plus I have veins and stuff which I got from my Mom's side of the family. Alex calls my veiny feet, ugat ng mayaman (have no idea what that means) but I'd rather have no obvious veins like most models. My legs are also muscled from ballet classes and biking, and I'd rather have straight legs *wishful thinking*.

Anyway, when I was invited to the Yves Rocher store launch I spotted their new lotion, the SOS Heavy Legs. seemed to be speaking to me so I picked it up and trooped to the cash register.

To relieve heavy-feeling legs, Yves Rocher Botanical Beauty Research chose lesser celandine and horse chestnut from organically grown ingredients, renowned for stimulating micro-circulation. 
Price: Php 560 (regular price: Php 700)

The Yves Rocher SOS Heavy Legs contains lesser celandine and horse chestnut to help soothe tired feet and legs, plus the menthol is said so be a muscle relaxant. This lotion is very light and water-based (read: non-greasy) that I liken it to the Clinique Moisture Surge for the legs. Okay, Clinique loyalists, don't get mad at the comparison but that's how the formulation feels.

You could say that the SOS Heavy Legs can also double duty as an aromatherapy product and an actual cooling product as the menthol scent is very relaxing and refreshing. Although for those who want a serious minty kick, you should know that it is a tamer version of the V&M Bare It All Cream. Don't be fooled by the name as you can definitely use this on your whole body.

So does it work?

Applying the Yves Rocher SOS Heavy Legs can slightly alleviate any sort of heaviness and discomfort via the mentholated feel and the aromatic scent, tis very relaxing indeed. On the other hand, it could be purely psychological as I am really a sucker for anything minty/mentholated.

The only downside (for me, anyway) is that although it is light and water-based, if you layer on too much it may take longer to dry. And sometimes it makes me feel coated especially on days I choose to wear jeans. I don't know if it's just me but I am really that anal about lotion. My favorite is still Avon Moisture Therapy Oatmeal Lotion.

Have you tried the Yves Rocher SOS Heavy Legs Lotion?
Any suggestions to combat heavy and tired legs? :)


  1. I love the things that I got from Yves Rocher. I didn't get SOS Heavy Legs Lotion but will buy one soon to see its effect on my legs ; p


    1. True, I like the Vanilla soap even. And I'm not a fan of the scent, haha. Yves Rocher offers affordable stuff :)

  2. It's become a habit of mine to prop up my legs on pillows when I sleep. I've heard before that it's supposed to prevent veins from forming/being seen. Seems to work though, and I don't feel heaviness on my legs. :D

    1. Hi Lena!

      Coincidentally that's what I do, too! Except when I'm too tired from work I just plop onto bed and fall asleep, haha. :)