Friday, July 27, 2012

Brows by Shu Uemura: What a Difference the Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil Makes!

Okay I admit, I've neglected my brows on account of being too busy. So a day before my Browhaus appointment, I set out to find the bestest eyebrow product out there. And lookie here, I nonchalantly landed in Shu Uemura, Trinoma.

Initially I was thinking of getting a lipstick (but then again I have too many already!), then I saw a familiar product that several people have raved about - the Hard Formula Brow Pencil (Php 1,400). And so I asked one of the SAs, Ms. Risa, to test it on me (but I was already half-sold on Liz's review on it, honestly!)

First Ms. Risa cleaned my eyebrows and said, "Your eyebrow powder is too dark, a lighter shade would suit you better." Then she reached for the Hard Formula Brow Pencil in Walnut Brown and started to work her magic. 

A few more light strokes, and this is the result:

And folks, without batting an eyelash (or thinking about my credit card bill, heh) I purchased one for Php 1,400! It looks like a normal eyebrow pencil upon purchase, then Risa "shaped" it to make it the tip conform to the brow shape and therefore making it extremely easy to shape my brows.

From this:

to this:

How do you like my brows (PS: these are my pre-Browhaus brows, okay!)?

The Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil is:

  • extremely easy to use, the shape makes all the difference
  • budge-proof and smudge-proof
  • looks so natural, never severe even if you have a heavy hand like me
  • economical as it will last you years. They will also sharpen it for free!

So there, I love this product to bits! Make sure to choose the best shade that complements your skin tone and hair color. My sister tried using this but since she is fairer, it washed her out a bit. But don't fret as there are 4 other colors to choose from :)

Ladies, have you tried this product? What's your ultimate eyebrow product? :)


  1. this is a very nice product! and also steep, hihi.... looks really worth it! :)

    1. It is but it will really last for years :) So sulit din!

  2. I like that they sharpen the pencil the old way, not using a sharpener. :)

  3. Oh wow..wait, is it also waterproof? :P Can you try? Haha! I so love your brows here, I'm thinking about getting it but I also want Make Up Forever's kasi it really stays daw even after going underwater (at the beach).

    1. Not entirely waterproof. I tried rubbing wet cotton wool on my brows and some of it came off. But under normal circumstances it should last the whole day :)

  4. This is awesome! I have something similar, but it's in a grayish shade that matches practically any dark/black hair color. I think I might look into this cause it comes in different shades!

    1. Yup! The Walnut Brown shade is perfect for my skin tone and medium brown hair color :) Just drop by any Shu Uemura boutique and let them determine the right color for you :)