Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What went down at Bloggers United 3

At the first Bloggers United I was an avid shopper, at the second I was a no-show (sorry Alex!), and at the last one I was one of the exhibitors, sharing a booth with Alex and Lauren. I tell you, Bloggers United is one of the most fun events I've been to this year. I can't wait to join the next one in December!

That said, be prepared for a bombardment of photos in this post. Ready? Let's go!

I arrived at the venue early, like around 9:00 AM. Everyone was still setting up since the doors were set to open at 11:00 AM. That's Kryz Uy in the photo above setting up her booth.

And this is our booth! Can you spot Alex? :D

We sold lots of accessories, clothes (brand new and pre-loved), bow-ties and other quirky stuff!

shoes from the next booth
even Ava was selling Athan (kidding, haha!)

The frenzied shoppers entered the venue by lunch time! It was major chaos! Especially since Alex left for a meeting and I had to man the booth alone! *weep* :(

And presenting some more event photos with my favorite bloggers:

with Alex
Me, Krissy, Ava
With Angela
our favorite fashion bloggers
the fashionable Bestie and Gela
Vern Enciso
Alex and Kookie
Cebu bloggers
Earth and Shen
And some more kooky photos wearing these oversized sunnies from Jansport (courtesy of ARC Public Relations):

with one of the hardworking organizers, Pax!
So there, whew! So many photos! So we hope to see you all again on December for the next Bloggers United! Were you guys able to visit last weekend? Did you buy anything? ;)


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