Thursday, June 28, 2012

What happens in Boracay....

A lot of people still don't find it work-related when the company sends you to Boracay to participate in a mini food-tasting event. Really now, doesn't downing 100+ dishes in 2 days seem like work to you?

Here's a quick photo story of what happened in Boracay. I know some people will get a bitch fit if I post uninhibited photos (you know who you are, haha!) so these are all edited and wholesome photos to protect the identity of the crazy *wide grin*

my first time to fly via Seair!
The cutest, most photogenic pup ever! Meet Jackie the beach dog from Boracay <3
and the food tasting begins...
food styling by Kat Jao
breakfast at Real Coffee
shooting the Oreo Shake from Cafe Del Sol (by Mylene Chung)
MUA Ria Gamboa makes up our pretty model Julia Sniegowski
sake time!
Jenny, Kat, Marco, Mylene, Nicco, Me, Ria, Spencer, Denny, TJ, Gerick and Julia
TJ, Kat, Nicco
waiting for the plane..time to get back to work :(
Disclosure: I work for Outsmark, Cafe Del Sol and Hama are one of our clients. This is not a sponsored post.


  1. awww, i envy you! your work looks like a lot of fun! :)