Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekend chatter (and how my skin looks like now)

I am always extra grateful when companies send me their new stuff to try. I know that I haven't updated this blog as often as I used to, I blame work (still adjusting to the "day job") as usual.

These are some of the new items that I received recently. Wish I could write a thorough review on each, but as it is I only have 1 face and as of the moment it is not looking so good. I blame work again for my breakouts.

See, I have been working from home for the last 4-5 years and am not used to waking up early anymore, haha. So my skin has been terrible lately. I've tried the Flawless Nano Power Peel to help lighten the spots left by my old pimples, I'll blog about that after a few more sessions for a more accurate review/testimonial. My skin has always been crazy sensitive so I am trying to keep my skin care routine as simple and basic as possible, so I really have to wait it out to see the effects.

For now, these are some of the stuff that are waiting to be reviewed, and if you do use any of them do let me know how they fare.

I've been using the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye ever since I got a small sample last year. The rest though I am still excited to try.

So how's everyone doing? Kindly share your secrets to expediting the lightening of pimple spots, patience is not one of my strongest virtues :p


  1. Is the EL Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream nourishing? I want to buy my mom a really moisturizing and nourishing eye cream (but not too heavy or it'll give her oil beads under her eyes). Been reading lots of good reviews on this product so I'm really tempted to get her this. Torn between EL and eye creams from clinique.

    1. Hi Vivi! I gave my mom a pot of the Clinique All About Eyes Rich last year and she liked it a lot. My mom has mature, dry skin around the eye area so it was moisturizing for her.

      On the other hand, I use the Clinique All About Eyes variant which is lighter and I use this alternatively with the EL Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream :)

      In terms of an eye cream that is more nourishing or moisturizing, I am inclined to say Clinique All About Eyes. Also, I was able to purchase Clinique GWP sample jars from Sasa a few months ago, you might want to check them out, too. Do you guys have VMV Hypoallergenics over at SG?

    2. Hi Kira, I don't think there's VMV here 'cause we can only get their products through sprees.

      Thanks for the recommendation. :) I will buy Mom Clinique AAE Rich and probably get some samples of EL advanced night repair for her, too. Quite worried about her eye area because it's getting to be dry and a bit crepey (LOL, good thing Mom doesn't read blogs or she'll kill me if she ever reads this!).

    3. I wonder if it's possible to ask for a small sample or to bring your own small container so you can let your Mom try the eye creams before you splurge on the full-size?

      Oh btw, the EL ANR eye cream absorbs faster than the Clinique. Hope this helps :)

  2. i have no idea how to expedite lightening any spot at all. sorry i cant help. hahahaha. i just let it be. ika nga, "if you can't beat them , join them." bwahahahahahaa.

    it's really hard to have sensitive skin, because if you sample something, you might get catastrophic results -- poor skin! hehehe

    1. I know! As much as I delight in trying new stuff for the face, I have to hold back a bit because of my sensitive skin :( So if I rave about a product, you can be sure that it has passed my "skin sensitivity test", haha :)