Friday, June 29, 2012

Must-try: Toro Restaurant and Bar

What I love most about the Makati and Fort areas is their extensive selection of restaurants. One of the restaurants I always hear of but have never gone to actually try is Toro Restaurant and Bar.
A dining experience marriage of flavors from Okinawa to Tijuana. Located in the heart of Bonifacio Global City, Toro is a quaint and charming spot for anyone looking to let their senses run wild with an explosion of flavours. We compel you to indulge, relax and experience an atmospheric blend of funk and serenity.
Owned by the entrepreneurial and well-travelled Genomal Brothers who are foodies by heart, they came together and decided to share their experiences and knowledge of food to the world.

Essentially, Toro offers Japanese dishes with the flavorful blend of Mexican spices. You'll get a kick out of their dishes, so let's get started shall we?

Upon entry you'll be greeted by an original Filipino painting of a geisha adorned by bulls and matadors. The restaurant is quaint yet beckoning, I couldn't wait to try their food.

Pork Gyoza with Bacon Reduction Sauce Php 380 - I ordered this first, and found it to be pretty good. The pork was so tender and the sweetened sauce complemented it well. I think I ate about 4 pieces, haha.

California Maki Php 260 - I love the vibrant colors of this dish. I am not a fan of California Maki (sorry) so I let Far taste this one.

Stuffed Finger Chilli Php 240 - I was initially scared to try these Jalapeno poppers, but Vinnie assured me that it wasn't spicy since they took out the seeds already. So I did, and boy it was really good! It was filled with a mixture of 3 melted cheeses -- so yummy!

Norichos Php 250 - These are nori chips topped with sweet-spicy glazed ahi tuna with Toro's signature yellow sauce. I love the contrasting textures -- super softness of the tuna vs the crispiness of the nori chips.

Ebi Tempura Balls Php 390 - This is my favorite, so much so that I told everyone, "I am sorry but I am not sharing this!" Hahaha. These are golden battered shrimps coated with wasabi wine sauce and chilli cream sauce. Personally, I went gaga over the chilli cream sauce. It was so good and to me it tasted like it had a little bit of cheese in it. I tried to "steal" the ingredients from Vinnie, but he only shook his head, haha. (PS: Vinnie is my Outsmark boss and he is one of the brothers who own Toro). 

Volcano Maki Php 410 - Touted as the star dish of Toro and purportedly everyone's favorite, it's salmon, spicy mayo and jalapeno stuffed maki mouthbursting with tempura batter coating. It's huge enough to share and the dish itself resembles a volcano complete with the lava-like sauces. It's definitely a dish that whets the appetite aesthetically.

Turtle Pie Php 260 - Of course, a meal wouldn't be complete with dessert, and the Turtle Pie was the perfect ending to our seemingly nobu-esk luncheon.

Would I go back to Toro? I definitely would! I am craving for their Ebi Tempura Balls as of writing, and am wondering if I can sneak a visit to Toro sometime next week if find myself in the area.

Have you guys been to Toro? Which dish/es are you interested to try?

Toro Restaurant & Bar 
Unit 6, G/F One McKinley Place, 4th Ave. bet. 25th and 26th Streets, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 


  1. The pictures are amazing! It kept me salivating as I was reading your post... Would definitely give this resto a try. :D

    1. Thanks Myrted! Hope you get to try Toro soonest :)

  2. i'm interested with the volcano maki! looks really yummy! i hope i get to try this resto sometime! this is far from my place :(