Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shape Up with Jockey

If ever you've envied other women who always seem to look well-together and too perfect, well, you can be pretty sure they have the clothing basics down pat. Aside from having the confidence (very important!), they are probably guarding a well-kept secret -- seamless underwear and slimming undetectable shapewear.

Last week, Jockey introduced their newest collection -- the Jockey Shapewear and the NPLP or No Panty Line Promise. Unsightly bulges, muffin tops and VPLs will soon  be a thing of the past with these babies.

Plunging Moulded Cami and Hi-Waist Mini Shaper
The new Shapewear collection boasts of smooth breathable fabric that ensures a comfortably contoured fit. Its smooth laser cut edges help eliminate panty lines while fused panels provide maximum support and shaping power. The Shapewear collection includes a Reversible V-Neck Shaper (Php 999.75), High Waist Brief (Php 1199.75), High Waist Mid-Thigh Slimmer, Slip Shaper (Php 1599.75) and Plunging Moulded Cami (Php 1299.75).

My favorite among the bunch is the NPLP which is basically seamless underwear with unique thin silicon ribbons to ensure that they stay put and don't ride up. There are no seams, no bumpy elastics and is made of cool microfiber ensuring utmost comfort.

The Jockey NPLP comes in several variants: Bikini (Php 369.75), Boyshorts (Php 399.75), Brazilian Bikini (Php 359.75) and Brazilian Shorts (Php 399.75).

For the men, Jockey also offers the Sport Micorfiber. Perfect for the modern man, it promotes a full range of motion while mesh panels provide excellent breathability. And get this, this collection comes in bright, trendy colors, too!

bright orange, why not?
The Jockey Sport Microfiber Active comes in Mens Brief (Php 399.75) and Mens Boxer Brief (Php 549.75). Here are more photos from the event:

our fab host, Ms. Issa Litton
pizza from Aria Cucina Italiana
Shen, Martha and Margaux
Marbbie, Julia, Me, Martha
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