Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Review: Monea Powerdose Hair Supplement - Hair Repair

On days when I want bouncy and fluffy hair, I turn to Monea's Powerdose Hair Supplement, this was one of the products given to me by JTomasCollection last month.

The Monea Powerdose Hair Supplement - Hair Repair is a regenerative hair supplement for dry, coarse, brittle, porous or heavily damaged hair caused by hair dyeing/ bleaching, perming, straightening and frequent exposure to thermal styling tools. Its intensive conditioning Keratin content strengthens and revitalizes the weakened hair making it vibrant with glow.
Directions: Apply to wet hair after shampoo. Distribute HAIR REPAIR from hair roots to tips. Leave in for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse hair with water. Apply HAIR REPAIR 3 times a week. Use SWALLOW AVOCADO OIL SHAMPOO to maintain hairs' strength. 
Price: Php 165
I know, I know, you're probably thinking that it says "intensive conditioning" and yet I use this to get bouncy and fluffy hair. Well the truth is, compared to my Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner, the Monea Powerdose feels like a lighter conditioner. It rinses out easily and doesn't weigh down hair as much, however it's not as moisturizing either.

One good point is it is heavily fragranced which results to sweet-smelling hair the whole day (no amoy araw with this product).

Essentially, it's a good interim conditioner for times when I have meetings and events and I need to have sweet-smelling hair even after office hours. But in terms of hair softening benefits, I still rely on my Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner. 

What about you, have you tried the Monea Powerdose Hair Supplement?

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  1. Kira, have you watched any of her vids before? You look like her :p

    1. Watching her vid now! haha, thanks! Now I know how I'll look like blonde ;)