Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mega-fun at the Bedazzle Pinwheel Party

A long, long time ago when I was my artsy and crafty self, I joined Multiply and created hand painted necklaces under the EarthlyDelights label. Shorty after, I was featured in glossies and on TV then I met Cat of Bedazzle in one of the shoots. Having both crafty inclinations, we started to join bazaars together. And we worked out quite well as a team, I have to say, we always sold out our items by the second day.

Fast forward to now, I've "abandoned" my online shop and currently write for a living (and yes I handle social media for brands on the side, too), while Cat has her own Bedazzle store on the 3rd floor of University Mall, Taft Avenue. She still creates lovely accessories, joins bazaars and teaches crafts to kids and corporate clients.

Looking back, I'd like to think that I am quite lucky to have had so many awesome and different friends. And yes, I do miss selling and meeting customers a whole lot -- sometimes I wonder if I am on the right path now. Is anyone ever sure of what they want to do in life now? Do you plan everything by the book or do you leave some of it to chance?

Anyway musings aside, Cat celebrated her store's anniversary and her upcoming birthday with an intimate Pinwheel Party in Cerealicious, UM. You see, because I've been so busy with office work now I rarely get to hang out with my other friends (as I almost always hang out with bloggers and office mates now), so the Pinwheel Party was definitely something that I was excited about and helped organize (special thanks to Charlene of Cerealicious!).

The party was set for 3pm but since I am anal about time, I was the first to arrive! And I won a prize for it, too! Yea!

The Pinwheel party featured 2 DIY tables where we can have our own charm  bracelets and braided bracelets customized, plus a bead buffet where guests can create their own unique bracelets for stacking.

Check out our Bedazzle stacked bracelets (that's my wrist on the far right):

Here's a photo of my bracelets up close: 1) the bracelet I created from the bead buffet, 2) the braided bracelet with my colors of choice, 3) my Lanvin-inspired braided bracelet, these are all from Bedazzle; 4th and 5th bracelets are from Parfois.

Eating time! Pretzel anyone?

my Chicken Pesto was pretty good!
Jumango for the win!
Photos of everyone having lotsa fun:

with Denise of Simone's Closet

Our loot bags were filled with Bedazzle stuff! I'll blog about them soon or feature them on my OOTDs :)

And lookie here, I won the first ever Pinwheel Bedazzle necklace for arriving early. Being the early bird has its perks!

It's so pretty! Thanks Cat! :)

So there, that's how fun my Saturday was. Accessories + food + good friends are always winners in my book. Do you think I should go back to crafting? What do you guys think? ;)

Visit Bedazzle on Facebook to purchase her awesome accessories!
Special thanks for Cerealicous for accommodating us! :)


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