Monday, May 7, 2012

The Cutey Charm Collection Giveaway - CLOSED

Dearest Ashley,

I have garnered quite a number of cute bracelets, but your unique prêt a porter charm bracelets are my favorites so far.

cutey is a baby company, just setting out in the world, but our path is clear and we’re looking forward to bringing you more artisanal products. 
Our pieces feel weighty and expensive – you’ll certainly know you’ve got cutey on your wrist – yet they’re priced to keep the joy in your investment. We’re so confident that you’ll fall in love with your purchase that we send each piece off knowing we won’t meet again. 

Eros - The God of Love and all that means – pinks and greens, hearts and kisses, this piece celebrates love. If you’re a man, your woman will love it. If you’re getting married, this will remind your special girls of your day. Romantic, unashamedly female and full of unmistakable romance.

Philotes - A Greek Goddess of affection, this piece is perfect for the favourite woman in your life. Yourself, your mama, sister, aunt, Bridesmaid, friend or Grandma, it expresses the joy of being female with a riot of pink and a filthy giggle. A truly happy bracelet.

Hypnos  - In Greek mythology, Hypnos was the God of Sleep. Each bead in this bracelet is beautiful and complex. Spin them, breathe deeply – dream.

Cute as they are, I've discovered that these unique creations are sturdy and are definitely made to withstand our crazy Philippine weather -- rain or shine, these cuteys will definitely be a staple in my everyday office/party ensemble.

How do I wear them? Why, stacked of course! They look pretty and so boho-chic when worn together. The 18cm length also fits me perfectly!

I also love the personalized note you sent me, it made me feel warm and fuzzy all over especially. Knowing that these babies flew all the way from the UK just to bring me cheer really made me appreciate them even more.

Thank you so much and I can't wait to see your new creations soon!

Kira :)

For more information on cutey visit them at

Win your own Cutey charm bracelets!

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3. On the comments section of this blog post, answer this question and leave your full name and email:

If you were a charm bracelet, what would you be called and why? 

4. Contest will run until May 25, 2012. Only one winner will win all three charm bracelets so be creative!

Terms and Conditions:
* Winner will be notified via email and prizes will be shipped via Xend Express or a meet up can be arranged in Makati.
* This contest is open to Philippine residents only.


  1. If I would be a charm bracelet, I'd call myself magic for I've always picture this word with sparkling light, shimmering glitters and limitless power. I would love to wear a bracelet that would define me as bright, outstanding and the likes.

  2. Maria Christina Gumatay

    If you were a charm bracelet, what would you be called and why?
    i will call the charm bracelet, Amira (ameera) an Arabic female given name. Its meaning is "princess". It would have gems that would fit a true princess. Princess inside and out. Anyone who will wear it will be a stand out and will get peoples' attention. I want it simple but elegant.

  3. Thanks Anne and Istin! Love your entries! <3 Please share this contest with your friends :)

  4. If i were a charm bracelet i would still be called by my real name, Lovely Joy! Because whoever wears me would look Lovely and will be full of Joy! :))

    Lovely Joy Merced

  5. leilani sonza

    I would be called CANDYBAND :)

    Because of my candy sweet personality that I can wear on my wrist :)

  6. If I were a charm bracelet i would be called Venus. It would have beads in pink and red to resemble love, passion and beauty. Because anyone who wears it will have the power to attract people's attention and feel confident and beautiful about herself.

    Norissa Chavez

  7. Hazel Grace Bellen

    If I would be bracelet, I want to be called Athena, the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy because women nowadays should not only be beautiful but wise and intelligent. I firmly believe that even beauty may fade away by aging, wisdom and knowledge will stay with us throughout the good times and bad times. It is more important for me to be intelligent and knowledgeable than beautiful.

  8. If I were a charm bracelet i want to be called "DYOSA". A unique name but it simply means beautiful of all things.

    Dorry Lyn Tan

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  10. I'd be called "awit' because the charm, me, would have the effect of inviting one to maximize his/her musical abilities or passion for music.

    jannell cajote

  11. I would be called SAPPHIRETASTIC! I'm a true blue blooded ELF! (Super Junior fanbase are called ELFs and Super Junior's color is sapphire blue. Fashionable and fantastic in my own way! :)

    theresa montino

    ~~~ thanks for the giveaway! Love Cutey! :)))

  12. If you were a charm bracelet, what would you be called and why? I would like to be called HAPPY. So that it will bring happiness to the person who's wearing it. Because I believe that if you're happy, contentment will follow. And if you're contented on what you have, there will be no enviousness, jealousy and hatred. : )

  13. If I were a charm bracelet, I want to be called "UNIQUE" because I focus on my personal styles and dress for myself. I don't buy my clothes just for the label and be part of anyone else, but instead I buy them for they portray who I really am. Uniqueness is really about being true to myself. Yes, we're all naturally different people with different values, interests, and tastes and that's what make us all UNIQUE :)

    Yvette Marie Fernandez

  14. If I would be a charm bracelet i want to be called "ISIS" (Egyptian Goddess of Magic and Giver of Life) because i want to be a good example of woman empowerment, femininity and adored by many by helping other people in need especially to those woman that are taken for granted by the society/husbands.

    Janice Marjo Nuevas

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  16. if were a bracelet i want to be called "KISHI", its a japanese name means Happy Life. I want to give happiness to the person who wears me (kishi bracelet) . Happiness makes a person beautiful :)

    Name: Billie Pozon

  17. If i were to name a charm bracelet, I'd call it Majo (short for Mama Jo, my mom). It may sound simple and plain but behind the name is a very wonderful woman of love, faith and inspiration. Majo has been my lucky charm for 19 years now and she has never failed to inspire and make me feel loved and feel like a princess.

    Majo has no greek translation, but in Spanish Majo means pretty. I beg to disagree though. Majo is not just pretty, but beautiful inside and out. She's royal and magnificent. Majo is the Queen I will always respect.