Friday, May 4, 2012

A Bigger and Brighter Ferretti Store

Small feeters, listen up! A bigger and better Ferretti store just opened this week and you know I was really excited to check out the new place. I can imagine rows and rows of shoes, know the deal! Join me as I visit my favorite shoe store:

The new store is definitely brighter and more inviting. Do you think I purchased anything that day? Read on to find out!

Just as I expected -- a colorful assortment of shoes and bags, oh my! This is going to be a dilemma!

I've been meaning to get this bag since....8 months ago? But I always felt that the P1,599 price tag was steep. Starting to feel the pressure here, guys. I really love it!

What to get, what to get. Small, medium? What do you guys think? (Now am really starting to feel the pressure!)

the staff is as quirky as ever!

I finally met Ms. Cecille, the owner of Ferretti! She just came from a shoot for ANC's Shoptalk, you can tell I was quite giddy to meet her. Ms. Cecille also gave me a special discount (because she loves me, kidding!) so I finally got ze nautical bag! Cool! Am currently contemplating if I should give it to my Mom for her birthday or if I should keep it for myself :P

And I also got my membership discount card, yay! Have you been to the newest Ferretti store in Glorietta 1? Any awesome purchases? :)


  1. wow buti may malapit na...i bought my bucket shoes sa sta lucia mall pa..