Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ombre Hair Makeover Winners!

Yes, you heard that right! Instead of just one winner, Robina chose 6 winners! Click to check if you won!

Aileen Adalid
I believe that I deserve to go lighter with an Ombre hair color because my hair BADLY needs a break from these very familiar lines: "Yan pa rin hairstyle mo?" "You went to the salon? Did you change or avail anything?" "Well, I really didn't notice..." 
And no, don't worry, it's not because I have such wonderfully insensitive friends (LOLJK!); rather, this is something about my hair! It just so happens to be in this same ol' boring look for years that it really deserves to be directed to a new direction. Besides, I do think that there's more to it that I could do. As a start, hopefully, I could go for something loud and bold. RED. Yes... red. Certainly, that would wow my friends so much. (Ha! Take that!) And most of all, I get to have my much-deserved pampering session!
So if do get lucky, I plan to flaunt this new hairstyle in all its glory--down and free, draping over my shoulders in soft big curls. Aaaah, I can just imagine it all! Hell yeah! <3 
Marylin Perina
I've never been to a fancy salon or had my hair styled or colored in any way. I had to set these luxuries aside because right after high school I had to work right away to help support my family. I don’t really mind because I do love my parents and siblings with all my heart but in the process I forgot all about myself which lead to depression that affected them as well!
This year, I made a promise never to take myself for granted anymore! I’m still the sole breadwinner of my family but I have a new-found love for myself too! Taking care of myself means taking care of the ones I love, and being too busy for work or not having enough money is no excuse to take me for granted! Yes, life can be a burden but we have a choice to be happy and we should do what we can! 
I believe that I serve to win an Ombre hair color treatment and have a salon pampering experience for the first time! I recently celebrated my 21st Birthday and this would be a perfect gift for me. This would be an amazing experience that can also help me regain my self confidence, self love and passion for life. Even if I have to face the daily pressures and burdens of the world, I shall face it fearlessly with a beautiful, salon-treated hair! :) 
Roseann Renolla
Being a working student, I really don't have time for salon trips and treating myself for some me-time. So for over 6 months, I have been dying my hair by myself! It's actually a fun process but I realized that I am not always satisfied. It's always gonna be "oh this color does not suit me" or "some parts are not evenly colored". Making ends meet, i also don't have enough money for expensive hair coloring.  
So I'd like Azta Urban Salon to share their expertise and hopefully grant me this once in a lifetime opportunity (free hair make-over who wouldn't want that right?). I myself is a budding beauty blogger, writing reviews of products I view for all those people who are in need of it, so If i'll get the prize - I will make a full review on the whole experience plus obligatory hair pics and let my readers see how great Azta's services are on my blog! So excited for that. ~_~  
So goodluck to all the lovely readers over here! ^__^One of us is gonna be very happy by the end of the month!Kudos Ms. Kira for sharing this amazing giveaway! Always remember God bless those people who give back, more power!
Maria Macaculop
I really really want to try out the Ombre hair and having it done at Azta Urban Salon will definitely be the best Ombre hair experience that I will be getting :) So let's bring out the sun, swim suit and the colors of summer perfect with Ombre hair from Azta Urban Salon! Thank you Ms. Kira :))
Theresa Montino
well, honestly I've bookmarked your post since I really am not sure if I can sport a new look for my hair, but then, I tweeted that if I win the Ombre, I shouldn't be doubtful! My hair is still a 'virgin'. It hasn't been treated of any sort, except for a haircut only. 
So if I'll win, I will go straight from Pampanga to T. Morato and back with a new look that will bring more life to my personality! 
Michelle Rendon
I believe that I deserve an ombre hair makeover because I badly need a new look! I just had a baby last year and my hair was remained untouched ever since I got pregnant. My roots are now showing and it just looks so bad. I do not have the time to have my hair fixed cause I need to prioritize my baby first and I also do not have the funds cause I'd rather spend things on my baby than on myself. I wanted to still look gorgeous even if I'm a mom because I'm too young to look losyang (I'm only 21 btw). :)  
Anyway, I just graduated from college last October and I'd love to sport this new look on my graduation day this April 20th. This look would also be perfect for when I enter law school this coming semester! :D This hair would be a complete transition for me from becoming a college girl to a young mom and a law student. This makeover would also be a mommy time-out for me, which I badly need. :) 
Thank you for this opportunity Ms. Kira and Azta Salon! :)

Congratulations girls! We shall get in touch with you soon on how you can claim your prizes! Keep following Azta Urban Salon-Tomas Morato and Elegantly Wasted for more giveaways! ;)

Image courtesy of Clara


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