Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chilling at the Mabuhay Lounge

I'd travel every other month or so if I could. The only thing I don't like is the anxiety when I think of what to pack. I am quite anal and although I know what to pack by heart, I still get that nagging feeling that somehow I've missed out on something or left something at home. I like to be prepared clothes-wise and toiletries-wise -- just take a peek into my bag and you'll understand how much of a girl scout I am.

Also (and I'm sure most of you can relate), I don't like mixing business with pleasure. But with my line of work and with WIFI everywhere (not to mention smart phones), it's a challenge to zone out and NOT work even when on vacation.

One of the things I do look forward to everytime I travel is chilling at the Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Lounge. Have you tried their Arroz Caldo? It's pretty damn good!

These are shots from my trip last week:

It's oh-so-quiet! I love it when I have an early start. The Mabuhay Lounge has separate areas for those who would like to sit back and relax, for those who want to have breakfast, and private cubicles for those who need to get some work done. 

yummy spread
salmon + tuna in pita bread

The famous Arroz Caldo! Piping hot and with a selection of toppings -- yum!

So this is what I had, among other things:

hot bread + fresh butter = winner!

I also had these cute stuffed pandesals:

Aaaand...I had this on the plane:

Rigatoni pasta with meatballs
Dundundundun...I am such a pig, hahaha!

And oh I just have to say, that I wanted to swipe this hand wash from the bathroom (if PAL is reading this, I didn't, haha!) because it smelled soo good. To my nose it was like sweetened green tea :)

What about you guys? Do you like chilling in the Lounge, too? It's a great place to get some shuteye too, no? :)


  1. Thumbs up for business class. :D

  2. I've only been inside once, but I loved it. :) My dad loves the arroz caldo too!

  3. nice and cool!support my space like I do in you, thanks