Saturday, April 7, 2012

Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

This is a sponsored post. 

I attended the Wacoal talk on body aging and choosing the right undergarments last month.  I’m pretty familiar with how women age (I just look at my Lola and my Mom and I get a good idea of how I’m going to end up looking later in life), but when these facts were discussed from a scientific point of view, it just made me feel, well….very concerned.

Okay, this infograph clearly depicts how our bodies will look like over time. Even with the right diet and exercise, our breasts will sag, our shoulders will droop and we will become 2-3 inches shorter by the time we are 60 years old. Blame it all on hormonal changes, the environment, stress, diet, our skin’s loss of elasticity ad the major culprit – gravity.

To demonstrate:

 Aging starts to kick in at around age 30 (ehem!) and will continue on until we are 60 or 70 years old. You know, I can be quite slim but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have some bulges here and there. I think when one reaches my age, pusons rear their ugly head and flabs, no matter how elusive they were before, start to appear out of nowhere.

The good thing is, wearing the RIGHT undergarments can actually help “delay” the look of aging by providing adequate support where our bodies need it most. Think girdles for pusons, seamless lingerie and posture-correcting undergarments.

Wacoal is a brand that’s been around for years, and I admit that I wasn’t too sold on the brand at first. First off I thought they wouldn’t have my size (I am so teeny in real life) and that they only catered to mature women. Well, all my notions were dispelled when they showed us their stuff.

For the young twenty-somethings

Wacoal offers a younger, trendier line in bright and pastel shades. Usually at stage 0, women in their 20s don’t need much support yet.

For the 30-ish career woman

Wacoal says, “Be daring in your 30s!” Since the bust starts sagging at this age (oh poor me!), it is advisable to use brassieres with underwire support and then girdles for the waist and hip-up effect. The styles for this age bracket are more subdued and classic. "
The elegant woman in her 40s

Usually at stage 3, women in this age group should not only choose undergarments to support their breast, but also for their shoulders and the back. According to Wacoal, “Wide straps, side and back panels and are strongly recommended to relieve the shoulder from the heaviness of the breast. These features also support the back and can help improve posture. Side resin bones are also a great help to push the breast from the side towards the girdle. And for the slimmer waist and flattened tummy look, high waist girdles and shape vests are advised.”

If you’re as petite as I am, don’t fret as Wacoal also has a sub-brand named Sorci Age which offers more Asian (read: smaller) sizes. I conveniently fit into this category and I couldn’t help but hoard their seamless intimates.

Wacoal also has some awesome inner wear that can really post as outerwear , think corsets and the like. I think some bloggers had a field day while trying on Wacoal ;)

So the question of the day is:
Are you wearing the right undergarment for your age and body needs? 

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  1. I own a couple of Wacoal bras and they're my favorites. It's cheaper to buy them from their direct selling stores than in dept. stores, by around 20 or 30 percent! :) I got mine from their store on Quezon Ave, hee.

    1. Cheaper by 20-30% sounds good enough for me! I got seamless undies, a bandeau top and a corset from the Wacoal event :)

  2. This is definitely my new favorite bra. The fit is true to size with no binding or pinching or harsh underwire jabs. i was also tried barely there bras its also comfortable
    Thank you