Friday, March 30, 2012

Summer Musings...

How are you guys spending summer this year?

I'm just flying out for a couple of days to visit my Dad in beautiful Mindanao and that's basically it. No month-long summer escapades for me, as I did in previous years. One of the highlights of this month (among other things) is this gorgey pair of sunnies that the boyfriend got me. I haven't seen him recently because we're both too busy (more him than me, actually). And oh, I also got a new mobile phone that I've been pretty fascinated with. I've also been buying purple accessories like crazy -- well, not really. I just got a purple jelly case and a purple leather sleeve *wide smile*.

What's everyone up to these days? :)


  1. will just work and work like a slave. hehehe. we planned on going to Bicol this Lenten Season and go backpacking at Caramoan. Sadly, we heard that the nearby islands were closed to give way to the Survivor shooting! Tapos my friends started backing out, until what's left is just me, my hubby and baby. So good bye Bicol. Will probably just inflate our "poo" and lounge under the sun sa labas ng bahay. hahahaha

    1. We're all office monkeys!Haha. But lounging in your backyard in a pool sounds good enough for me ;)