Friday, March 30, 2012

Stop Living in a Flat World with Browhaus Brow Resurrection

A few weeks ago we were invited to Browhaus Salon in Serendra, the popular brow salon that Alex has been raving about since last year.

Inspired by Bauhaus, the German architecture movement, Browhaus believes that there is a functionality behind every style. It is this idea that created Browhaus, your one-stop urban grooming pitstop for the look-conscious individual. Offering brow and lash grooming services, Browhaus designs your perfect brow and accentuates your lashes for your best face forward. 
Simply put, Browhaus specializes in grooming and achieving eloquently designed brows. It doesn’t matter if your brows are likened to a bush or the malnourished desert, Browhaus will transform your brows into the best kind of arch you’ll ever have.

Before the actual program, Alex and I had our brows threaded. A lot of people squirm at this idea, because there's this notion that threading hurts. I admit that to a certain degree (especially to newbies) that it might sting a bit. But good news, Browhaus uses a specific type of thread that is thicker than normal and is used specifically for brow threading, and as such it minimizes pain and the risk of skin irritation.

And here are my brows after! Of course, redness around the brows is expected and I was told not to wet the area or apply makeup for 5 hours.

The nice thing about Browhaus? Their cooling and soothing skin moisturizer that they apply after threading really calms the area, plus they also shape and shade the brows really well. As in, their Brow Architects will really create the perfect brows for you. 

See? Natural-looking brows that frame my face, I love it! :)

And then we met Ms. Tab Abad, Browhaus's Marketing Director, who introduced the new Brow Resurrection 2.4. For the longest time (read: since last year), I've been wondering about this best-kept secret. I just knew it was expensive, but what is Brow Resurrection really?

For those who want to have defined, perfect brows permanently, or for those who have very sparse brows, you might want to check out Brow Resurrection. It's basically a tattoo, but it's a far cry from the eyebrows tattoos of yore where the brows looked like it was literally drawn over.

Tab explains how they do it and it's quite simple and ingenious, that I wondered why no one else thought of doing it this way. The Browhaus Brow Resurrection 2.4 uses thin needles to "draw" the strands of hair and they even mix their own vegetable-based dye to mimic the color of the client's real hair. Each and every strand is constructed to give the illusion of a nature’s true replica.

Browhaus’s Advanced Brow Resurrection employs a dye used even to colour medical grade pills, making them 100% non-toxic and safe. If pain is your concern, don’t let that hold you back from the perfect brow as they also use an effective top-grade anaesthetic making this procedure a pain-free, ‘no trauma drama” treatment. And oh, did I mention that it only takes 90 minutes? You can literally have a lunch break and come back to the office with va-va-voom brows, and no one would be wiser.

To demonstrate, please meet Giselle, who had the procedure done on the spot:

BEFORE: bare brows vs brows with eyebrow powder
Giselle has really sparse brows, I'm sure we can all relate
AFTER: beautiful brows!

The skillful Browhaus Architect will meticulously shape your brows according to your features and will customize the color to whatever current hair color you have, ensuring that you have as natural-looking brows as possible. I've been told that it would last around 2+ years (depending on your skin type and how well you  take care of it), afterwhich you can come back and have it redone. Your Brow Resurrection may vary each and every time as the staff will adjust the "design" according to your skin's condition and your age.

Advanced Brow Resurrection: 
  • Gives realistic strand-like stokes that last 
  • Bestows a NATURAL illusion of fuller, more defined brows, so natural that you won’t be able to tell that it had been worked on 
  • Uses 100% safe dyes, used even to colour pharmaceutical-grade medicinal tablets 
  • Uses a top-grade anaesthetic, making this treatment a pain-free experience 

The whole procedure costs Php 38,000, includes a complimentary Aftercare Kit (Php 4,950) plus a Tune-up (Php 7,500).

More event photos below:

Martha gets her brows groomed
my partner in crime, Alex
Vern with her boyfriend
the whole gang
 Visit Browhaus!

BROWHAUS SERENDRA - 2F, Serendra, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
T (632)901.0597, M (63917)577.1352

BROWHAUS GREENBELT 5 - 4F, Greenbelt 5 Phase 2, Legaspi Street, Ayala Center, Makati City,
T (632)501.3998, M (63908)860.6115



  1. I love love love your eyebrows on photo #5! Kira, do that everyday! Hahaha! <3


    1. Me too! I use brow powder everyday, but I can't replicate it. Will practice harder :D

    2. Love your brows, Kira! Super bright your face! ;)

    3. Thank you, Dang! How are you, haven't seen you in a while! Your Bed Head is with Tara na :)