Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guest Review: Charm Pro Stippling Brush

Hi everyone! My name is Chrissy and I write a beauty blog called Cosmetic Fixation where I post all about my life with makeup. I love sharing my thoughts and experiences with cosmetics to my readers so I try to post as many reviews and makeup tutorials as I can. I’m a makeup addict and have been for the longest time so I think it was only appropriate that I took the step to become what I always wanted to be—a makeup artist!

With an addiction to makeup comes, naturally, a larger than “normal” makeup collection. I’ve amassed a good few drawers and containers full of the stuff and I naturally rely on tools to help me apply that makeup onto my face (or my client’s faces!). This was why I considered myself lucky when Kira contacted me and asked me to write a review for Charm Pro’s Stippling Brush (thanks Kira!).

“Stippling brushes has captured everyone's heart, may they be makeup enthusiasts or pro makeup artists, as they are very versatile. They can be used dry to pick up a sheer amount of product and give you a flawless finish, and they can be used wet ( like gel/cream blushes and liquid foundations ) that would help you achieve that effortless, flawless finish!
Our Charm PRO Stippling Brush is your ally to natural, but flawless make up! 
Price: Php 700.00

Performance: Charm claims that this brush is your ally to flawless makeup. I do tend to agree. In my experience, this duo fiber stippling brush works just perfectly for both the application of wet as well as dry products. When I tried this brush out (thoroughly, I might add!) to apply my liquid foundation, it gave me a great, flawless finish every time. Stippling brushes are known for their capability to give an airbrush finish, and the Charm Pro brush doesn’t disappoint.

Size and Appearance: The diameter of this brush’s bristles may seem a little small, but I actually did like its size because it was perfectly able to buff out my foundation and even get into the small, hard to reach nooks and crannies on my face like the sides of my nose. The bristles were just right when it comes to density—there isn’t so much bristles/hair that I feel like it’s a kabuki brush and there isn’t too little that I feel it doesn’t do its job.

The handle feels just right in my hand (note that I have relatively small hands!). It’s light and easy to handle. I also love that its handle and ferrule are black, giving it a truly PRO appearance.

Quality: Let me tell you that I was impressed with this brush from the moment I touched it. The bristles are soft and the shedding was minimal. I didn’t even experience any shedding on the first wash! Note however that I was playing around with it long enough beforehand that all the loose hairs probably already shed off. There was no bleeding at all to speak off when I washed it. What I also love is how easy this is to wash in comparison to my other stippling brushes. I didn’t have to resort to extreme measures to get the product off the brush.

In comparison to my other Charm stippling brush (pink handle, non pro version), I definitely definitely prefer this more. My pink Charm stippling brush continues to shed and bleed to this day, and I’ve had it for over two years at this point! Not to mention that brush is so hard to wash and it has the tendency to make my skin itch (hence I retired it). Charm had the right idea to release the pro stippling brush for individual purchase.

Price: The price may be a bit tough to swallow for some at Php 700. However with proper care and use of this brush, it should last you years upon years, making it worth every single centavo you spent on it.

Of course I can’t just tell you about this brush without showing you how well it works! In the following pictures you will see that the Charm Pro stippling brush applied my foundation beautifully, giving my skin a flawless finish (YAY!).

I love that the brush allows me to play with the coverage of my foundation. I used the Revlon Custom Creations foundation in this FOTD and that particular choice is not very heavy in coverage, but the stippling brush allowed me to build it up to a point where I needed no further concealing. I buffed some powder on top of the liquid foundation still using the same brush.

That concludes this lengthy and in-depth look into the Charm Pro stippling brush! Again this is Chrissy from Cosmetic Fixation signing out—don’t forget to check out my blog for more makeuptutorials and reviews!

For more information or to purchase your own Charm brushes, please visit http://beautyandminerals.multiply.com/.