Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Silver Lining

We saw this huge sign along A. Mabini, San Juan last Friday and even though it took a couple of wrong turns (there were one-way street everywhere!) we managed to go back and check out this store-slash-warehouse. We love bargains, I tell ya! And the boyfriend loves sneakers.

Everything was on 70% off -- footwear, apparel, caps, vintage watches (from the owner's personal collection) and other stuff. Luckily there were selections for girls, too:

I thoughtfully settled for this silver pair which was only Php 700+:

You know what? Sneakers remind me so much of my BPO life then, that time when sneaks were my footwear of choice during those *fun* graveyard shifts. Oh memories.

I love the Geisha design on the sole, too! So pretty! Any good finds lately? Sale purchases or OOAK thrifted bargains? Share! :)


  1. wow oh my i would have fainted! :D love the geisha one too!

  2. Wow, I love what you got! :) so pretty! :)

  3. hi kira, love the shoes! :D until when is this?

    1. Hi Carmi! The sale is ongoing until supplies last :)