Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Calling all bargainistas: Check out the Watsons Switch & Save Campaign

Watsons is a barganista's paradise. Imagine rows and rows of skin care, hair care plus bath and body essentials that are comparable to high end brands yet are conveniently a fraction of the cost. Even though I've been blogging about mostly mid-range and high-end stuff as of late, I am still a true blue bargainista at heart. If not for Watsons, I wouldn't have discovered the Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner, Pure Beauty Cleansing Oil and my Curls Up Defrizzant (review soon!). 

Last week, Watsons launched their "Switch & Save" campaign which, simply put, allows you to save big bucks without scrimping on quality. If you're saving up for a holiday getaway, or simply itching to get that new gadget then Watsons just might be helping hand you need. 

Press and bloggers were invited to have an intimate lunch at Borough in Podium as they unveiled the Watsons Ambassadors: Divine Lee, Victor Basa, Tessa Prieto-Valdes and Patty Laurel, all Watsons fans at heart. 

Celine Gabriel of ARC Public Relations, Inc. hosted the event
At the event, Watsons introduced some essentials that are surprisingly on BOGO! Imagine the savings! These were true necessities that we all couldn't live without:

Major thanks to ARC Public Relations, Inc. for inviting us to this event! And here are more photos of us happy campers, all having fun: 

with Kinny Salas of PDI
Krissy leaving a sweet note on the Watsons board
Shen and Alex
Liz, Julia, Krissy, Me, Argie, Martha, Jheng, Shen, Alex
Martha, Angela, Alex, Michelle, Rowena, Earth, Liz, Julia
For more information, visit Watsons Philippines at


  1. I love Watson's! I also discover many products thru this store! :)

  2. i love watson's too! dami kong gustong bilhin pag nandun ako, so i try to stay away from the store if i dont have moolah!

    1. In fairness, maganda ang toothbrushes nila! Very soft and it even has a tongue cleaner. Super affordable pa! :)

  3. hurray! i love BOGO products from Watson's super sulit ;)

    1. Go go go! Haha, Watsons is always my one-stop shop for bath and beauty essentials :)

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