Monday, March 12, 2012

Alex's Ombre Adventure at Azta Urban Salon (plus a giveaway!) - CLOSED

There's nothing like beach-colored waves to get you in the perfect summer mood. Luckily, waves are Alex's specialty --- her hair is thick and gorgey already as we speak! When I asked Alex last week if she was interested to ride on the ombre bandwagon, she jumped right in as she said she was in dire need of a color. I would have jumped in myself but with my permed and already damaged hair, I decided to wait it out until later this year.

So off we went to Robina's Azta Urban Salon. I tell you, having it finally in Tomas Morato is so convenient! Their Katipunan branch is really just too far from me, even though I loved the service and treatment I got.

Azta offers TIGI Bed Head products, too! Yay!
After the initial consultation, Alex's hair was dry shampooed (Azta's signature shampoo style) to get rid of oils, dirt and styling products.

We decided on a warmer, richer base color first, then a gradual lightness towards the ends. Nothing too blonde or ridiculously light as the ombre color will lighten over time due to constant washing. Ombre btw, can go from dark to light or dark on dark (let's say, black to red or purple). 

Senior stylists Mody and Anton took care of Alex while I chatted with Robina whom I haven't seen in a year. 

Azta's pretty and fab owner, Robina Ko
More photos below, watch out for the big reveal!

adding on the different colors for the ombre effect
are you excited Alex? :P

Having your hair ombre-colored is such a scientific, tedious and lengthy process, I would not recommend doing this at home by yourself! Photo above shows Alex's loong locks with peroxide at the bottom. The whole process took about 4 hours. It was worth it though, we were really comfy and the staff offered us magazines and milk teas to keep us occupied.

And finally, check out the results below: perfectly colored hair that highlights Alex's caramel skin and high cheekbones! What do you guys think?

Alex with Mody, Anton and Erich
Ta-daaah! Perfectly colored ombre hair 
Read Alex's full coverage of her ombre experience here.

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Now if you're dying to have locks like Alex, join our giveaway below and sport beach-worthy locks come summertime!

"Go Ombre" with Azta Urban Salon-Tomas Morato:

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3. On the comments section of the blog post, tell us why you deserve to win an Ombre hair color treatment and how you plan to style/flaunt your new hair. Leave your full name and email, too.

4. Contest will run from March 12-31, 2012. Only one winner will be picked, so be creative! :)

Terms and Conditions:
* Winner will be chosen by Robina herself and notified via email.
* Giveaway only includes the Ombre hair color to be done at the new Azta Urban Salon in Tomas Morato.

Azta is located at 282 Tomas Morato Ave. Sacred Heart, Quezon City beside Dulcinea and across Johnny Rockets.


  1. This is so near my place! I like the color of her hair... bagay!


    1. I know right! I also had my nails done and my eyebrows threaded while Alex had her ombre treatment. I've always liked the service at Azta Salon, I'm glad they finally opened one in Tomas Morato ;)

  2. So this is what it's called, I've been wondering bout this style! :) Too bad the place is super layo from me, so goodluck to your readers from North side. :)

  3. I've always dreamed about wanting to have Taylor Swift's gorgeous locks, and since I'm just a regular plain Jane, it is only through your blog that I've come to know what it's called: "Ombre". I also wanted yo have a "makeover" since I'd like to believe I truly deserve. I needed an "Oomph" to gain back the confidence I had lost after gaining too much weight. Hope I could win in your giveaway as I <3 Azta Urban Salon. I remember getting one of the best haircuts I've ever had from their Eastwood branch. I even blogged about them when my friend & I had treatments done. The best part? We stepped out of Azta Urban salon feeling happy & pretty in our own right. (they help boost our confidence). I would want to experience that magic again.

    Vanessa Madrid

  4. I deserve to go lighter with an Ombre hair color, because I want to intensify my personality more through my looks. And also, that would add color and hair volume to my curly hair (a little frizzy on the side). Nevertheless, I know I can flaunt that hair by wearing my hair down with some clip on the side.

    Marie Danicia B. Castro

  5. I believe that I deserve to go lighter with an Ombre hair color because my hair BADLY needs a break from these very familiar lines: "Yan pa rin hairstyle mo?" "You went to the salon? Did you change or avail anything?" "Well, I really didn't notice..."

    And no, don't worry, it's not because I have such wonderfully insensitive friends (LOLJK!); rather, this is something about my hair! It just so happens to be in this same ol' boring look for years that it really deserves to be directed to a new direction. Besides, I do think that there's more to it that I could do. As a start, hopefully, I could go for something loud and bold. RED. Yes... red. Certainly, that would wow my friends so much. (Ha! Take that!) And most of all, I get to have my much-deserved pampering session!

    So if do get lucky, I plan to flaunt this new hairstyle in all its glory--down and free, draping over my shoulders in soft big curls. Aaaah, I can just imagine it all! Hell yeah! <3

    Aileen Adalid

    1. Ooopssss. I just reread what I wrote and what you wrote... and realized that the prize is a dark to light and not dark to dark (red). Am I right about this, Miss Kira? XD Aww, shoot.

    2. Hi Aileen! Any actually, you can tell them your preferred colors and the senior stylists will also help you choose based on your face shape and hair style :)

    3. Ooooh, so my entry is still valid, I suppose? YAY! Thank you so much for this! :) ♥

  6. I deserve to go lighter with an Ombre color because my hair remains the same old long black hair since birth. Something that causes me to be fed up with. To be honest I really planned of having it colored after undergoing perming, which I normally do on a yearly basis. Great thing I encountered this blog with a giveaway that suits not just my want but to be certain my need. I need to do some makeover with the color that suits my style and fashion attitude that dictate who really I am :) I firmly believe Ombre could make my dream come true. OMBRE is a trend, hence I must admit I need it!

    Since my black long permed hair is just a month old and will soon have it shaded hopefully using an OMBRE product, I plan to style and flaunt my new hair in a simple way...just let it loose and bounce perfectly using a mousse. In this way I am pretty sure it will be quite a big and noticeable change that most girls in town need to heed because they'd be green with envy :))

    Full name: Maria Dianee B. Metrado

  7. Wow I really love that color, I wanna go lighter with an Ombre color and that perfect for my short hair. I just want to have new hairstyle even I'm a mom of 3 kids na, love to just flaunt it..

    Bedalyn Aguas

  8. Sporting an Ombre hairstyle definitely would bring out the best and and new me. CHANGE for sure and that's what I want. Ombre hairstyle is on my post grad bucketlist so this would be the greatest grad gift I could ever receive. So how about an Ombre'd girl in her toga that's how I would rock and flaunt my Ombre hair. :)

    Svetlani Santiago

  9. I deserve to win an Ombre hair color treatment because I want to give it to my wife for her bday. She plan to style/flaunt her new hair on a night out with me on her bday.

  10. I deserve to win an Ombre hair color treatment because to be honest I'm not quite sold to this new trend so I'd like to try it myself without shelling major bucks. Providing this will look good on me, I'd flaunt my ombre hair to the two June 2 weddings that I'll be attending (yes, same date. Lagare mode on.)

    Gerlie Rivera

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  12. eversince..i want my mom's gorgeous locks..sadly, I inherit my father's straight hair..since I was a child, my hair is long,and plain..evryone envy it because its really beautiful.but i believe its very natural for us people to want something we dont have. like curly haired want straight and vice versa.. But having this hair for almost 22 years!.. i'm not saying that im not contented of who i am..i love myself that's why i wanna improve my confidence.. some tease me that i look sadaku with my hair..coz its long and im slim..I have this fast metabolism that hinders me to be chubby..and having this hair ads up to my despair..I'm a big fan of taylor swift, and i really adore her gorgeous locks..and also a good friend of mine advices me to have my hair curled, i mean this ombre hair..and yes..i feel like a child wishing for a fairytale to come true..out of desperation, i dreamed that i have my dream hair..i want to get rid of my pontytail..i long to flaunt my beautiful hair with confidence..Ms.'re now my fairy grandmother..please make my wish come true..

    Alpha Caspe

  13. I think I deserve this makeover simply because I think it is a good reward I can give myself after graduating. During my 4 years in college, my pampering time lessened because of the stress from school works and mom would always tell me that save money first and study hard and do whatever I want after i finished school. Now, After march 30, 2011 my graduation. I'm free this is the best year ender. a make-over. a road for a new me! I want to have a new look and sophistication style when I enter the fashion world. I will be applying to summit media since I have a fashion for writing and I'm obsessed in fashion. This giveaway will change me a lot, not only physically but also emotionally I will have a better self confidence ready to face the new world with a new ME :)))

    Margaret Christine D. Gomez

  14. Being a working student, I really don't have time for salon trips and treating myself for some me-time. So for over 6 months, I have been dying my hair by myself! It's actually a fun process but I realized that I am not always satisfied. It's always gonna be "oh this color does not suit me" or "some parts are not evenly colored". Making ends meet, i also don't have enough money for expensive hair coloring.

    So I'd like Azta Urban Salon to share their expertise and hopefully grant me this once in a lifetime opportunity (free hair make-over who wouldn't want that right?). I myself is a budding beauty blogger, writing reviews of products I view for all those people who are in need of it, so If i'll get the prize - I will make a full review on the whole experience plus obligatory hair pics and let my readers see how great Azta's services are on my blog! So excited for that. ~_~

    So goodluck to all the lovely readers over here! ^__^
    One of us is gonna be very happy by the end of the month!
    Kudos Ms. Kira for sharing this amazing giveaway! Always remember God bless those people who give back, more power!

    Roseann Renolla

  15. I want to Go Ombre for a cool change. Being a working mom is stressful but with some beauty help, I know I'd feel good as new. I'd flaunt it to family and friends. :)

  16. I've been wanting a different hair color but I was afraid of trying ombre hair color by myself at home. In any case, I'd so want to win this giveaway and wear ombre hair not just to the beach but to my client meetings and future events that I'd be attending. As a systems analyst, I don't have to be seen as someone so serious and boring. A new hairstyle will definitely help me create a new me. I am not very confident about how I look but I am pretty sure that in the competent hands of Azta's team, I'd have on fabulous experience.

    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!

    Maria Clarizza Ching
    lucid.artisan AT

  17. well, honestly I've bookmarked your post since I really am not sure if I can sport a new look for my hair, but then, I tweeted that if I win the Ombre, I shouldn't be doubtful! My hair is still a 'virgin'. It hasn't been treated of any sort, except for a haircut only.

    So if I'll win, I will go straight from Pampanga to T. Morato and back with a new look that will bring more life to my personality!

    theresa montino

  18. I really really want to try out the Ombre hair and having it done at Azta Urban Salon will definitely be the best Ombre hair experience that I will be getting :) So let's bring out the sun, swim suit and the colors of summer perfect with Ombre hair from Azta Urban Salon! Thank you Ms. Kira :))

    Maria Katrina Macaculop

  19. I deserve to win this giveaway because I haven't done anything "exciting" with my hair, yet! I've always been afraid of getting anything done with my hair because I always think that'll turn out bad. I'm always putting my hair up in a pony tail. :( Besides, I need something to add oomph to my life because I've been SOOO stressed this school year. I believe that having something new about me would actually make me feel better and make my otherwise boring life exciting!:) Also, it's perfect for this summer because I'll be meeting up with my high school classmates and I want to surprise them with something new about me! :)

    I'll style it a la Patricia Prieto- blond at the lower part then red-dish brown (or darker brown) at the upper part. It screams "ombre!" talaga. I died the first time I saw her hair! I really love it! Lagi na akong nakalugay nun! :))

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed! This is a really cool giveaway. :)

    Kara Amanda C. Macadangdang

  20. I've never been to a fancy salon or had my hair styled or colored in any way. I had to set these luxuries aside because right after high school I had to work right away to help support my family. I don’t really mind because I do love my parents and siblings with all my heart but in the process I forgot all about myself which lead to depression that affected them as well!

    This year, I made a promise never to take myself for granted anymore! I’m still the sole breadwinner of my family but I have a new-found love for myself too! Taking care of myself means taking care of the ones I love, and being too busy for work or not having enough money is no excuse to take me for granted! Yes, life can be a burden but we have a choice to be happy and we should do what we can!

    I believe that I serve to win an Ombre hair color treatment and have a salon pampering experience for the first time! I recently celebrated my 21st Birthday and this would be a perfect gift for me. This would be an amazing experience that can also help me regain my self confidence, self love and passion for life. Even if I have to face the daily pressures and burdens of the world, I shall face it fearlessly with a beautiful, salon-treated hair! :)

    Marilyn Perina

  21. What an awesome giveaway!!!

    I really hope I win this!
    I deserve this giveaway because I just resigned from my work of 2 years, and my hair really needs treatment, but I can't afford to get anything done since I'm still in between jobs. Call it quarter-life crisis or something, but I'm sure getting a great makeover from Azta would really be a big help to me on snagging my dream job in the nearest future!

    Thank you so much in advanced Azta Salon and Kira! =)

    Johanna Mignon B. Santos

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  23. Awww! This is currently my dream hair! Hahahaha but I don't have budget for this. I deserve to win this Ombre makeover because I am a Mom / co-owner of an online shop / freelance artist. All those slashes defined me as a busy woman. Combing my hair or like prepping up doesn't take long hours for me now, not like before when I was a teenager. Busy collecting money from orders, lack of sleep because of my baby, my boyfriend don't like my hair and it is so tremendous!

    Maybe if I am having an Ombre now, my look will boost upto 50% and likely will look 18 because of my hair! I am currently 22 years old and now having a bad bad hair not like when I was in high school, my hair is only my asset. Everyone loves my shiny black hair! And now I can't believe that I am owning a filthy hair! I am so sad! By the way! I loved Azta ever since because you guys deflowered my virgin hair last 2010 I think? The Azta Alabang branch dyed my hair! It was lovely indeed!

    I wanna look like a spring woman walking in parks, wearing floral clothes, a color blocking shoes, flipping my ombre hair but with a stroller with my baby. Sounds good right? :)

    Thank you for reading guys! <3

    Bella Morcen

  24. I deserve to win the Ombre Hair MakeOver and it would be just in time for my birthday.

    I have been dyeing my hair with store-bought products for years. Aside from the occasional hair cut, I do my own hair care, but my children say my hair is not so beautiful anymore.

    I would love a new hairstyle and have color highlights to make a visible difference to my crowning glory.

    To show off my MakeOver results, I would have to take before and after shots to post on my FB, twitter, blog, and tumblr accounts. Of course, the new me with the great hair will have the image blown up so I may display it in my living room.

    A woman's crown is her hair, and hopefully, Omber will choose me for the fabulous MakeOver.

    Lucinda Dominguez
    fb Cindy P. Dominguez
    twitter cpdominguez

  25. I believe that I deserve an ombre hair makeover because I badly need a new look! I just had a baby last year and my hair was remained untouched ever since I got pregnant. My roots are now showing and it just looks so bad. I do not have the time to have my hair fixed cause I need to prioritize my baby first and I also do not have the funds cause I'd rather spend things on my baby than on myself. I wanted to still look gorgeous even if I'm a mom because I'm too young to look losyang (I'm only 21 btw). :)

    Anyway, I just graduated from college last October and I'd love to sport this new look on my graduation day this April 20th. This look would also be perfect for when I enter law school this coming semester! :D This hair would be a complete transition for me from becoming a college girl to a young mom and a law student. This makeover would also be a mommy time-out for me, which I badly need. :)

    Thank you for this opportunity Ms. Kira and Azta Salon! :)

    Michelle Francoise C. Rendon
    FB: Mish Rendon
    Twitter: @superstarmishie

  26. I deserve to win an Ombre hair color treatment because I'm a stay at home mom of one and I rarely bother myself to go to the salon so this would be a bit of a treat! Honestly I haven't had my hair colored all my life because I'm afraid that any type of color will not suit my complexion. I will be turning 35 this May so I thought it was time to grow old gracefully and do something dramatic (that is if I win) and I need one to cover up all these newly-emerging white hair. Having white hair is not a look that I want to go for lol. I really would love to try a completely new look to brighten my hair up and to feel more vibrant and alive. I hope I'm not yet too late for this. I will definitely flaunt my new hair to everyone. I would be happy to hear someone saying "bagay sa iyo ang kulay ng buhok mo, bumata ka". So please let me win the Ombre hair color treatment so I can keep my confidence.

    fb: Elinor Semira
    twitter: @mhoie1325
    Ma. Elinor Semira
    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com