Monday, February 13, 2012

Rainy days and Mondays...

The only way to ward off BV and laziness on a cold and dreary Monday is to inject pops of color.... in everything! Haha. My grey workspace (it's a work in progress) gets some help from my cerulean blue laptop and hot pink laptop bag. And of course, the PAL Aeromouse adds a touch of whimsy, too!

Cardigan: Mental | Cerulean blue top: Solo | Feather necklace: Divisoria | 
Jeans: Penshoppe | Ballet flats: Ferretti | Drawstring bag: Parisian
And oh, the color translated to my wardrobe as well! This is me, cool and casual on a rainy Monday afternoon. We were checking out Le Senza and whaddyaknow, they're still on sale! So we grabbed a couple of stuff and happily trooped home :)

I wore my favorite black ballet flats from Ferretti! I declare, everyone needs a classic shoe like this in their closet! Plus factor? It's so, so, so comfy! Great for commuting and walking around Makati :)


  1. What's BV, Kira? Boring Valentine's? whutishit? I couldn't guess that the necklace was from divi while the bag was from Parisian. luv those two, plus the cardi :)

  2. Replies
    1. Happy Valentine's day to you, too, Krissy! See you on Thurs :)

  3. Hey where did you got that PAL Aeromouse? It's so damn cute! haha. Do you work in PAL? I used to be an OJT Trainee at PAL's Flight Technical Department. I want that mouse so bad! haha. :P

    1. Hi Jerome! Sorry but it's not offered onboard anymore :( No I don't work for PAL, I purchased it at the inflight boutique 4 years ago.