Friday, February 10, 2012

Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream Winners - Week 01

The correct answer is: 

I'm NOT wearing the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream 
in my first entry!

I've raffled all the correct entries and here are the winners:

Mommy Lexi
Jakie and the Beanstalk

Congratulations! Please shoot me an email at hello [at] and I'll send you instructions on how to claim your gift!

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Image courtesy of Clara


  1. Congratulations to them! Could have fooled me, your skin looks amazing even without anything!

  2. Yey! Thank you, Kira! Mwah.

    Congratulations, Jakie. :)

  3. Thank you very much! Yey! Let's do the dance of joy! hehehehe

    Congrats Mommy Lexi! thanks Ms. Chriselle

  4. Thanks guys! And congratulations! :)