Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Caricature via the Galaxy Note

Last Saturday, my boyfriend, sister and I spotted the Galaxy caravan in Eastwood mall. The boyfriend, if you must know, is a very satisfied customer of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

the Tab and I
His Tab is 2 years old and he loves it to bits...except that it's a tad bulky to bring along with him to meetings, dates and events. He's been thinking of getting a Galaxy Note which is a smaller and more powerful smartphone, the sheer size is a far cry from the bulky and heavy Tab. Bottomline, he took advantage of the current promo and bought one on the spot (Php 29,000 instead of the regular price of Php 34,000).

We, on the other hand, decided to have our caricatures drawn by their artist of the day, James. The Galaxy Note, as you might have guessed, is also popular for jotting down ideas and unleashing the artist in you.

Please note that these caricatures/drawings were all done freehand.

patiently waiting, tee-hee
with store owner, Tracy 
Now it's my sister's turn:

And the finished product:

we got a free tumbler with our faces on it! yaaay!
I have yet to explore the full features of the Samsung Galaxy Note, but off the bat, the size and slim design is a far cry from our old Tab.

Are you guys planning on getting a Galaxy Note? Or do you have one already? Please share your thoughts and experiences on it in the comments section ;)


  1. Wow. I wish I had that kinda talent!


  2. I think that was awesome! Wish iPad has a similar app :) Thanks for sharing!

    The Pink Margarita

  3. wow! ang galing nung artist! wish ko lang may ganyan din akong talent! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Almira!

      We got it for P29k instead of the retail price of Php 34k :)

  5. Galing! Drawing stuff has always been my frustration! Kaya idaan na lang sa sulat :D

    1. I knows...super galing the artist. I think my sketch took around 10 mins? Fast lang :)

  6. Ang galing naman nito! I did say to myself that if Pepper Potts ever retired, I'd get the Note. Hee! <3


  7. the galaxy note is a bit laggy.. and the pen calibration messes up occasionally other than that.. it's a very precise instrument.. when it's working