Monday, February 20, 2012

Bare Naturals Vitamin Stix Lip Butters

Tis the season for tinted lip balms and lip butters! For some reason, both indie shops and mall brands are now releasing tinted lip butters that can give traditional lipsticks a run for their money. These "tints" are way pigmented, come in vibrant colors and leave a pretty stain after eating or drinking --- perfect for summer, aren't they?

Feed your lips with nourishing stuff!
They're not lip balms, they're not lipsticks.. they are colored lipbutters! They unbelievably glide so easily ;) Better than lipsticks and lipbalms! With hint of peppermint and flavored in delectable vanilla. They smell so nice and they are good enough to be eaten because they are made with natural, food grade stuff!
No paraben. No petroleum jelly. No artificial colorants. Recommended even for sensitive lips.
Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, castor oil, shea butter, beeswax, candelilia wax, carnauba wax, ozokerite wax, titanium dioxide, mica mineral oxides as colorant, iron oxides, vanilla and peppermint flavor oils, jojoba oil, alpha-tocopherol, phenoxyethanol, nothing else.
Price: Php 148 each

A while back I posted a photo of my newly-purchased Bare Naturals goodies, but somebody swiped my Butterfly Kisses Vitamin Stix (with pink label) so I'm now only reviewing Sugar Lips (light blue label) and Definite-Lips (purple label).

Sugar Lips

For a natural, just-bitten look, try Sugar Lips which imparts a rosy pink hue. Looks very natural on me and is perfect for everyday. This is usually what I wear at work, it's great and moisturizing on its own and I don't even need to apply lip balm when I retouch. 

Definite Lips

Keeping up with the tangerine trend for 2012, I particularly chose Definite-Lips which is an orange/coral shade. It's the kind of orange that pops and yet looks natural, I can layer it with gloss so it looks more soft and peachy (I did just that in this post).

I did, however, find that Definite-Lips is not as moisturizing as Sugar Lips or Butterfly Kisses, so I need to apply lip balm before smoothing this on. 

Comparing these to the V&M Lip Butter Tints, the Bare Naturals Vitamin Stix have better shade selections, more vibrant colors, are more opaque and spread more evenly. They have a pleasant vanilla scent and are packaged/labelled more attractively. But just like the V&M Lip Butter Tints, these aren't minty nor do they impart a minty feel on the lips even though they are described as such.

Please note that some shades may be more moisturizing than the others, but it's nothing that a little lip balm can't fix. 

Have you tried the Bare Naturals Vitamin Stix Lip Butters?

If you live in the Quezon City/Manila area, you can order Bare Naturals and Venus & Mars products from Dulce by texting her at 0917-3227235. Also visit


  1. Nope, I haven't! I'm a sucker for lip tints so this is a must try!

    :) Uy... You're so blooming these days ha.

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much! You're too kind :) Maybe it's the Neutrogena BB Cream? Haha :)

  2. I just purchased the Pink Posies lip tint from V&M, I'll give this a try soon as well. I love how lip butters tend to stay on my lips more than lipstick :)

    1. Hi whimsicalchild! Then I'm sure you'll love Butterfly Kisses, it's a lighter shade of pink compared to Pink Posies. I was able to try it out for a few days before Alex swiped it from me. I like it better than Pink Posies, actually :D

  3. thanks for the review, kira! and thanks for comparing it with V&M's, I would have requested for that. :) I like both colors on you, but I guess it's because you're really fair.

    Is the sugar lips more of a rosy red or a bloody red (like the POC logo :p)?

    1. Hi Vivi! You're welcome! Sugar Lips is a rosy red, their bloody red shade is called Best Pout Forward. My friend Alex of is testing out that color, hopefully she posts a review soon :)

  4. i like that it has a peppermint flavor. thanks for sharing!