Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review: Venus & Mars Lip Butter Tints

I have a soft spot for tinted lip balms. I distinctly remember holding off on the lipsticks and just applying tinted balms til I was in college. I liked how easy it was to apply without even a need for a mirror. So fool-proof, right? Today's lip tints are thankfully more skin-friendly and organic, I'm glad that they even have a better selection of colors. Check out these Lip Butter Tints from Venus & Mars which the lovely owners, Jamie and Justin, sent over during the holiday season.

Break free from chemicals! Give your lips the authentic, lavish pampering it has always wanted. Made out of the finest essential oils, lips will surely be younger-looking in no time. There’s nothing more it could ever ask. Not at all heavy on the lips! 
Ingredients: EMU Oil, Castor Bean Oil, Almond Oil, Carnauba Wax, Mica, Peppermint, Beeswax, Vitamin E Oil (now FORTIFIED with SPF15) 
Price: Php 185

I've been very vocal about my love for V&M's Smooch Lip Detox and so I was very curious how these new lip butter tints would fare. Off the bat, the colors look lala-lovely!

I was obviously quite drawn to Pink Posies first which is a nice Barbie-pink shade. It initially gives off a shocking pink vibe in the tube, but trust me, it looks really natural and youthful when worn.

Next up is Salmon Peach which is more of a nude-peach shade, looks very natural on the lips. This, for me, wasn't as pigmented as Cherry Berry or Pink Posies.

Last is Cherry Berry which (like Pink Posies) also looks dark in the tube but - surprise! - gives off a nice wearable red hue. So pretty!

Here's a swatch of all the colors side by side:

What I like:

  • only contains natural ingredients
  • slim tube fits nicely in my purse or pocket
  • applies smoothly, not gritty at all
  • moisturizing formula
  • opaque colors (except for Salmon Peach)
  • leaves a nice tint after eating or drinking
  • leaves a nice stain when the gloss wears off
  • smells pretty good, almost like bubble gum
  • affordable

What I don't like:

  • contains only a minimum SPF rating (via Vitamin E)
  • not as moisturizing as the Smooch Lip Detox, not minty either.
  • Pink Posies was the least moisturizing variant for me
  • available only through the Venus & Mars website or through dealers

If you're on the lookout for a natural tinted lip balm, give these V&M Lip Butter Tints a try. They're good as cheek tints, too! I reckon, I'll be taking these with me to the beach very soon :)

For more information check out http://venusandmars08.multiply.com


  1. Pink Posies looks promising! :)


  2. I'm liking how Pink Posies looks! Looks great against your skintone, too. :)

    Visit my makeup blog!

  3. @Tanya and @Chriselle: Pink Posies is their bestseller! I'd recommend that and Cherry Berry :D

  4. naku mapapabili ata ako nito.. wahhh they look so pretty

  5. i am purchasing mine in their facebook account..hmmm..hope i get it right..its my 2nd online order...first was yours..heheheh...i just dont knw how to pay them...i just click on bdo and i dont know if its debit or credit...hop its debit...haaayyy...

  6. @donna: How are you dear? Go buy na,they're so affordable you can afford to buy lots :D

    @Mhereijoy: You can also check them out on Facebook :) If you have inquiries just text Jamie and Justin, they're super accommodating :)

  7. Ooooooh love the pigmentation!

  8. Is this better than HN's? I'm actually just finishing out my HN tinted balm, which is waxy and I'm still not sure if I like brick red.

    The Reluctant Stylista

  9. Hi Kira,
    Your post on V&M's lip tints made me order two of their shades recently. I loved the shades in your lips!!
    I have been a passive reader of your blog for months now and have noted your love for natural products, one of which is V&M. I have also noted that V&M has also sent you new products for testing being a loyal user of their line for quite sometime now. Which actually, brings me to question if you have experienced ordering from them online just like everybody else.
    I just want to relate my experience in ordering online with them and let me tell you that it is not at all easy. I have to send about 3 emails + 5 text messages before they confirmed receipt of my payment. I paid them 2 days ago already and until now I don't have the tracking number with me. It is such a pain dealing with them through their online service. I tried to contact the nearest reseller in my area before ordering online but did not answer any of my text.
    I wish I receive my orders soon!!! If I do, no matter how much I love the product, I don't think I am ordering from them online again. Unless, of course, I see them in bazaars.

    1. Hi Joyskidooper!

      Thanks for sending in your concerns and thank you for reading my blog :)

      Just like any other consumer, yes I initially purchased from them online. At that time I believe V&M wasn't as big as it is now so they were able to process my orders right away. Later on, I discovered Dulce who lives near our place, so I just buy from her instead. She mostly has all the stocks and if I am feeling impatient, I just contact her so I can get my items within 2 days. She's really super nice, too, so it doesn't feel like a chore when I meet up with her.

      I also purchase V&M stuff at bazaars but this is only during December (Rockwell is too far from my place). I shall forward your concerns to Justin and Jamie, they love hearing from their fans and I'm sure they would like to rectify this problem.

      And oh, V&M is opening a spa in the Katipunan area next month. Will keep you updated on that :) Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with :)

  10. This is Jamie Tan of V&M Naturals. First, we need to know your full name so we can verify your records. We recently shipped out an item to a Joy Dumlao though, if I assume correctly, you might be her.

    Checked our convo thread dating from the first time that you texted, which was Feb 14, 2012 informing us of your payment. You sent 2 messages about your BDO deposit amounting to Php370, one at 6:51pm and the other at 8:56pm. We always try to respond to all text messages and we did, also that same day, 11:56pm confirming that we will ship it out the following day, Feb 15, and we actually did. For you to say that you haven't gotten any confirmation is a bit confusing as we have actually confirmed 2/14 11:56pm. And sent you your tracking number 7:06am of 2/16.

    We do have shipping policies to follow under our online operations division, concerning payment notifications, and ship out of fully paid for orders - ship out is a day after receipt of payment. All of these are discussed in the policies portion of the Order Form. Please know that we have a system to follow to ensure everyone is being properly accommodated and we sincerely hope to have clarified the issue, including the pacing from when you have paid to when the items were shipped out. We also do hope for everyone's cooperation of course to make our system work. That is why, it is a basic rule for everyone to read through the policies before filling out the form. For other issues and concerns, feel free to reach us through 0917-5859861/0906-3157696/ vandm08@yahoo.com/ facebook.com/venusandmarsnaturals

    Thank you, Kira for sending us this link. We appreciate it. More power to your blog!

  11. Hi Kira, sending our feedback re joyskidooper's comment. on behalf of my sister Jamee. Thank you! :)

  12. wow! salmon peach looks good on you! :)