Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Lilliputian feet + a Ferretti giveaway - CLOSED

I could very well be the epitome of petite – 5’4”, 100 lbs, tiny frame, the works. But what people don’t know is that’s not the end of it. I, my friends, also have tiny feet.

Back in college, a lot of people thought my teeny tiny feet were cute, while others thought it was just weird. I didn’t really think much of it (after all, I do come from a family with small feet), twas only til I needed to buy high-heeled or trendy shoes for special events that I noticed there weren’t a lot of brands catering to my size.

I could even get away with a size 5 back then, but in recent years it’s like the whole world grew except my footsies as I have now been demoted to a size 4! My favorite UK brand just stopped carrying my size and I was distraught. I am now a minority. Oh what’s a girl to do, shop in the kids section? Le sigh.

And then I heard about Ferretti from Liz, who was their brand consultant. She said Ferretti carries size 4 shoes and there was a branch in Trinoma. I was skeptical at first, I was sure that I’d see some really outdated styles or a very limited selection of flats and sandals.

my Ferretti cerulean blue flats, Ferretti wedges
Fast forward a year later, and Ferretti is my first stop whenever I find myself in Trinoma and Glorietta. Aside from having size 4 sizes (yay!), their styles trendy, current and sensible, perfect for the office, night-outs and fasyon events. Plus select styles are waaay comfy! I could walk in my beige wedges (photo above) for hours and not get blisters.

And although I still can’t wear some styles like skyrocket heels and booties (my feet can’t take them just yet), I’m very happy that Ferretti has become such a huge part of my life. So much so that I blow my paycheck every time I’m in their store, much to the chagrin of the boyfriend.

my Ferretti espadrilles and T-strap sandals
I’m quite thrilled to receive emails from readers who coincidentally share the same dilemma of having small feet. In response to this, the awesome people at Ferretti have devised a giveaway so that small-footed people don't have to worry about sacrificing style for comfort, or the other way around.

So, tell me your size 4 story and you could win your very own pair of Ferretti shoes! Here are the mechanics:

Win Your Perfect Pair of Shoes from Ferretti

1. Like Ferretti Shoes and subscribe to my blog, Elegantly Wasted, through Feedburner.

2. Follow Ferretti Shoes and @kirasworld on Twitter.

3. On the comments section of the blog post, share your best experience about having size 4 (or small) feet. Is it the best thing that happened to you, or the bane of your existence? Share your funny experiences or your style smarts.

4. Contest will run from February 1-14, 2012.

5. Winner get to choose any pair of Ferretti shoes they want from Glorietta 5.

Cool right? Send in your entries below, we're all ears :)


  1. liked Ferretti on FB and subscribed!
    follow Ferretti shoes and @kirasworld on twitter.

    I am amazed how small feet u have. I dont have that size or smaller than yours but my dilemma is having a big feet and sometimes I do have hard time to find a pair that i like with my size. I havent been or own a pair of Ferretti shoes but I will surely love to have one.

    1. A lot of people are amazed I can even walk. They always think that I'll fall over or something, haha :P

  2. nice giveaway. sad that i can't join because i've got big feet. (though I liked ferretti and kirasworld on twitter)

    im only 4'10 1/2 but i have a size 9 pair of feet imagine that! if 2 inches of my feet were just transferred to my height, then i would have reached 5feet!hahaha.

    you're not the only one who has that dilemma, even I, the bigfoot, have trouble looking for that perfect shoes. but sometimes, we get lucky. one time, i was in a tiangge, and i chanced upon a stall that sold natasha and confetti shoe overruns for 150 each. the available sizes were 8 1/2 to 10. I was able to buy 3 pairs of deadly (parang pang hold-up sa haba at tulis) high heels from Confetti.

    sometimes, having big feet is also a boon! (jayarcy-twitter name)

    1. Good for you! I can never buy shoes from tiangges or bazaars or from mainstream brands, they just don't fit e :(

  3. Joining!

    I envy your feet! I bet any pair of shoes would look great on you! Wanna trade shoe sizes?! I wear size 8 and thou it's not hard to look for this size, it's hard trying to get a pair that will look good/compliment what i'm wearing, i usually don't wear loose bottom pants so whenever i choose the wrong pair of shoes to wear, uh-oh, makes me look like Ronald Mcdonald!! No joke! Nice shoes you got on in the pics, would'nt mind having a pair of my own!

    Lovely Joy Merced

    1. Thank you! The featured pairs are my Ferretti favorites :)

  4. i am size 5 - 5.5 while my sis is size 7. she cannot borrow mine as well as i cannot borrow hers because of the size. funny thing is, i'm super inlove with her black gladiator high heels. what i did was, i wore it during our acquaintance party coz i cannot resist the sexy heels paired with a party dress. while dancing (disco mode), i felt the shoes were splitting in half! my feet did not fit perfectly, i just trust the straps to hold my feet! waaah i ran to the rest room to change flats!

    1. That was pretty brave of you! My feet are narrow also so I bet if I wear a bigger size, they would fly right off! Haha :D

  5. In our family, it's my dad who has small feet. We'd tease him that only the children's section has his size. What he does is he has his leather shoes/sandals custom made. There used to be this W. Brown shop near Monumento that accepts custom made orders. After it has closed, he now goes to Marikina.

    There's a drawback to having the same feet size as most of the population though. There are times when the sales assistants would inform me that they've run out of the shoe I'm lusting for in my size. Some would push me to purchase the next size. Uh huh... And then there are the sales wherein the shoes are either too big or too small for me.

    In some ways, having feet the same size as what is common has its drawbacks too.

    (hi kira. I'm having cache problems and have trouble posting. could you please delete multiple posts, just in case? thanks!)

    1. Hi Salmoncat! In some ways, shopping for small-sized shoes is difficult din because some brands only have 1-2 pairs each, so once it's gone then there's nothing else I can do but check out other branches.

  6. FB: Gessa Marie Bartolaba Condino
    twitter: @kenge19 (Momee Gee)
    Email: giza_violetpotion@yahoo.com.ph

    Wow. is that size 4 yours? I mean, I was keep on looking to your pictures and seems You dont actually look like owning the size 4 for your feet. Well, if ever I'd be given the chance to have it why not. As long as it fits to my body and height. ;) Just like yours.

    This sounds funny but I really envy your feet's size, why? It's because, my younger sister owns a pair of boots and I really love it but then it cant be fit to my feet since my sister's size is 4. I was trying to ask mom to buy me one, unfortunately there's no longer available for size 7 since it's only for young ones. But for sure to all the ones who would see the boots I swear you'd fall in love with it. :(

    So much for that, it's still fine with me since mom buy me a new pair of shoes instead of boots. )boots for sizes 6 and up are quite expensive that's why) lol

    Good luck!

    1. Hi Momee Gee, it's true, I have size 4 feet! Haha. Hope you find similar boots soon in your size :)

  7. joining :)

    name: jenifer balatico
    twitter id: @itsme_JHENZtine
    fb name: jenifer santander balatico

    what?! size 4? my feet seems to look smaller than what you have but my feet size is 6. yeah 6! seems not hard to find but the craziest and funny and sometimes annoying part when my mom and I buy shoes for me during my secondary and college days is that most saleslady endorse us to children section to find shoes that will fit me >.< I know I am petite but that doesn't mean that my feet size is comparable to girls ages 6-12 wahahahaha :) well that was my experience which until now I can't seem to forget :))

    1. I can actually get away with kids sizes at Payless Shoesource ;)

  8. hi there.. I'm joining! :)))

    done with ALL the requirements! :)

    fb: theresa montino
    twitter: @jayresa03

    I read from a magazine that the best time of the day to purchase shoes is in the afternoon. Our feet expand a little during the latter part of the day so it's best to buy shoes that time to be sure you get a comfortable fit. So after that learning was all over me, I then went to the mall one afternoon to get another pair of flats as a reward for my tedious work as a teacher. When I finally chose the best shoes on the planet (yes, I know I tend to exaggerate!), the salesman asked what size I would want since I already tested their size 5 and it didn't fit me. So I answered in whisper, "Kuya, yung medyo maliit ng konti dito meron? Kahit mga 4 1/2?" Then he laughed and called the other salesman saying , "May liliit pa ba dito, pre?" OMG!!! Now talking about blabbering my small feet size to everybody!

    Yes, I'm size 5! But I really didn't know what happened that day! Umurong ata paa ko o sadyang maliit lang ang size 5 nila! haha.. Well, that's just one hell of a story about my feet size. Bow! :)

    ~~~ thanks for this.. I'm hoping to win! :)

    name: theresa montino
    email: theresamontino(at)gmail(dot)com

    1. Hi Theresa! That happens to me, too. Sometimes depending on the brand, my feet can fit in a size 4 or 5. But it's kinda rare nowadays because I really am a size 4 na. And oh, Ferretti has half sizes pa ;)

      That salesperson who laughed in your face is such a moron, am glad the SAs at Ferretti are very helpful. You should check out Charles at Ferretti, Trinoma, he's super friendly :)

    2. agree! I think it really depends on the brand also.. Will check Ferreti at Trinoma as soon as I hit the metro.. :)

      thanks! :)

  9. I wear a size 6 and occasionally a size 5 1/2. Having small feet has been absolutely wonderful. I've found the best prices on my size shoes because not too many people are looking for tiny shoe sizes. Nordstrom Rack always has the best clearance sections for us little feeters and I love feeling dainty with my tiny feet.

  10. hi
    my shoe size is really 4 1/2 but i always buy size 5 cause i cannot find shoes that exactly fits my size. there's a time when i saw this shoes in mall and i know i really need to buy it,i ask the saleslady the size 5 but unfortunately after i wear it, its big for me..huhuhu..then i sadly went out of the store and find another one, it repeat the situation again and again. argghh. i'm really pissed with my feet that time and now i just buy cork so that it can fits my size:)

  11. I don't often go shopping, but the last time I did, I really wanted a pair of platforms that were (happily) on sale. It was a size too big (I'm about a 5 and it was a 6) but because I really needed a new pair and couldn't find anything else I liked, I insisted on buying it anyway.

    After a few weeks of struggling to wear them without turning into a modern Cinderella, I finally gave them to my lola who fit into them perfectly with her size 7 feet. At least someone else got to use them but I've learned my lesson: only if the shoe fits! :p

    Den Alibudbud (@crimson_dye)

  12. The perks of being a petite and having a size 4 feet is that I enjoy the lovely, cute and bright designs of shoes from kids to pre-teens shoe section. There's also one instance that my shoes got broken in a trip and luckily my 8 years old cousin have her extra flip flops that definitely helped me out of the situation. I totally love being size 4, proud one! :)

    Name: Tanya Santiago
    twitter: @svetlanisophy
    email: svetlanisophy@yahoo.com

  13. I'll be speaking in behalf of my sister. She's got small feet, I think size 4 or 5, and the thing I noticed is, the bright colored and funkier ones really look good on her. She can wear footwear in electric pink, bright orange, and so forth whereas I can't. I am so jealous of her! Judging the shoe collection my sister has, I realize there's no limit when it comes to color and design. Styles that look gigantic to me, look pretty on her. That's my unbiased view of petite and small-foot damsels. So, I'm glad (sisterly love) my sis can enjoy any footwear she likes :) And I wish I win this contest, cause I'd like to get my sister another pair.

    Name: Lyn Cacha
    Twitter: cachagotcha
    email: cacha_lyn@yahoo.com

  14. joining!
    subbed, liked, followed..

    Im a size 8! and sometimes I can don a size 9, the perks are... when shoes go on sale, the left/last remaining shoes are usually of my size.. its a good and a bad thing.

    when i really fell for it, i kiss my $$$ goodbye BUT sometimes when i want it but it has like detached strings or a holding-on studs, and i ask the saleslady if they still have some stock, the usual answer is no.

    nevertheless, whatever sizes we are, when we find the perfect shoes... we could rock the world like its a big runway show! <3

    1. "when we find the perfect shoes... we could rock the world like its a big runway show! <3"

      - Love this, Gerilen! I totally agree!

  15. liked Ferretti on FB and subscribed!
    followed Ferretti shoes and @kirasworld on twitter.

    I can relate with this post. I am petite and my shoe size is 4. I really find it hard to look for my size. I only have the gibi shoes to select and aside from that is the Mario de boro for kids. When im in kids section. some staff really looked at me and smiled at me as they see how I feet shoes, as if im a small kid that everyone loves to see haha. But what is frustrating is sometimes the design that only feets me are teenage design. So many times I end up buying nothing =(. Good thing tjhere is ferreti now!

    Name: Shermaine Capuli
    twitter: @Sherfriends
    email: sherfriendsy@yahoo.com

    1. OMG, I buy from those brands, too! Small feeters unite! :D

  16. For how many times did my shoes get stuck in sidewalk trenches with wide spaces/holes -- oh a lot of times! But that was way back when I was younger and a school girl who've been maintaining a 5 1/2 shoe size up to this day. I didn't like that I'd be left behind by my company before we could go across the street as I'm tiny and people can run over me.

    facebook: Itin Bique Calvo
    twitter: @itinbiquecalvo

    1. oops I forgot to mention my email I used to subscribe..


  17. Email: darylangela_ygnacio@yahoo.com
    Fb: Daryl Ygnacio
    Twitter: @darylangela

    I have size 6 shoe size =)) but yours is 4 O.O really little cute feet you got there mehehe I always don't get the shoes I want because size 6 is always out of stock :/ my younger sister has bigger size of shoe than me she gets to have nicer shoes than mine one time that i really liked the shoe i bought it kahit na it doesn't fit me hahaha!crazy i know my sister's enjoying it now oh well XD

  18. liked Ferretti on FB and subscribed!
    followed Ferretti shoes and @kirasworld on twitter.

    Ha.ha.ha.. I can relate to your blog. You know what I am size 5 back then when I am a teenager. I love buying high heeled shoe and something like fashionable shoe. One day, I go to the mall and I go to the women's shoe section,I ask the sales lady "this is so pretty ,how much is this. she said 600 po sya then sabi ko do you have size 5? The sales lady said wala pong size 5 nito hanggang size 6 lang po ang pinaka maliit. Then pahabol nya pa, dun po sa kids section maraming size 5? hahaha as if naman na may ganun na sobrang high heeled sa kids section.Sometimes I get sad din because may mga gusto akong shoe ng ate ko kaso hindi naman mapamana sakin dahil hindi kami magka size.Pag may biglaan event pa sa chool hindi ako maka hiram ng mga shoes sa mga friends and classmate ko kasi hindi ko rin sila ka size. But when I get pregnant,I gain weight so my size now was 7.My bestfriend in Korea told me that she buy me a shoe there in korea.Tapos sabi nya binili kita shoe dito,diba size 5 ka? sabi ko size 7 na ako. ang sabi nya, ha? ay mali bigay ko na lang to sa kapatid ko. Her younger sister was 9 years old,see the age and size of the feet? Then I realize there's a good thing of being a size 5 back then.Hindi talaga nila nakalimutan na size 5 ako na kahit nasa ibang bansa na mga friend ko,still when it comes to shoe,I am the only person na naaalala nila :)

    Name: Crystal Lagman
    fb: Crystal Cruz
    email: crystalcruz1986@yahoo.com
    twitter username: @crystahal

  19. hi, kira! cool, you have such a small feet. it's only now that i know someone like you who has small feet. hehehe..i'm a size 5. my mom said because we have chinese blood that's why we have small feet. but i think it's because we wore shoes early. so our feet were "prevented" to grow bigger..i'm not sure, it's only a thinking..anyway, it's quite good and bad having a small feet. good if your sisters or even your mom have the same size of feet like us. we are 3 sisters with the same shoe size including my mom. so when we want to borrow each other's shoes, we can do so. and it's also nice to hear if other girls are kinda "envious" with you having small feet. hihi.. on the other side, sometimes it's hard to find small shoes. but we don't have to worry because of Ferreti Shoes' small sizes availability! thanks a lot to Ferreti..and you for this giveaway!!!

    followed Ferreti and @kirasworld on twitter
    subscribed also and liked Ferreti on FB

  20. > Liked Ferretti Shoes page on FB
    > Followed Ferretti Shoes and @kirasworld on twitter

    Hi Kira!! I'm 5'2" and has a foot size of 5. Up to this day, I've never forgotten the incident when our swimming teacher, during my freshman year in college, commented about my small feet.We were wearing our usual swim suit uniforms and of course had to go bare feet when walking around the pool. My teacher, who was talking with some of my classmates then, saw me walking towards her and abruptly commented, "Ang liliit naman ng mga paa mo, Kate. Buti nakaya ng mga paa mo ang katawan mo." I guess I looked kinda chubby to her, healthier looking than my other skinny classmates were. I just laughed it off and replied "Eh ganun talaga Maam eh, matagal ng maliit ang mga paa ko.", and heard some of my classmates laughed at my teacher's comment. That was the first time when I realized that maybe to some people, my feet may not look proportionate to my body at all, which made me sad.

    Sometimes I would tell some of friends that same story, and although it sounded kinda insulting, I just brushed the incident off and accepted the fact that my feet are "cute". OK lang, there's nothing more I can do about it anyway but just to accept it and be proud with what I am born with. ^_^

    Kate Sinaon

  21. Wow!!! It's good to know that I am not the only one with small feet! My shoe size is 4 to 4 1/2 for heels, 4 1/2 to 5 for flats and wedges, and 5 to 5 1/2 for boots. There's good and bad having small feet. The good thing is we do not get to buy a lot since our size is a rare find, making us less shopaholic. Sometimes our size fall under Kids so the price is cheaper compared to Women's. My husband bought me chucks under Kids and it saved him more than $10. On the other hand, I feel deprived from buying any shoe I want. I was in Singapore a few days ago and they have amazing shoe stores there but their smallest size is big for me.
    I am here in Manila for vacation and met up with a friend last month and we went to Landmark... Lo and behold! I went crazy with all the size 4 I can find. I end up buying 6 pairs, 5 of them from Ferretti! Namakyaw ba??? I was even more glad to find in your website that these shoes are made from Marikina which is my hometown. I cannot wait to visit your stores again before going back to CA. Your shoe styles are hot and trendy! Thank you for adding small sizes! You just made one more girl happy in spite of having small feet!

    Name: Maricel Alfonso-Dondi
    Email: mma.dondi@gmail.com
    Facebook: mma_1210@yahoo.com

    1. Thanks Maricel! Am glad you were able to score several pairs at Ferretti! I'll make sure to let them know that you're very happy with their fit and designs :)

  22. Hi!

    Now I know, I am not alone.

    I could totally relate to your story. It seems like my feet changes from time to time,size 5 then 4, 4 then 5 and a half, then back at 5. There were times when I would feel like buying heels and wedges but when I finally get a style that I want, they'd tell me they don't have my size.

    Last Christmas, my friends and I had our monito monita/exchange gifts. Nelsie, who got my name gave me a size 5 peeptoe-wedge. I was thrilled because I liked it the first time I saw it from the box! And then I tried it.... no.. way. It didn't fit! My barkada asked if it fitted me well, I said yes coz Nelsie was beside me. I was shy to say because I said I was size 5, but that pair seemed bigger than it was... or were my feet smaller than I thought?

    Until now, she still tells me to wear it to school. It's been 2 months now but I haven't told her the truth yet. Haaay sayang!

    So having read about Ferretti, I'm excited to check their shoes!

    Nevertheless, I still love my feet even with its changing size every single time. ;p

    Jam Malicdem
    gats101 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    1. Hi Jam! I hope you already got your Ferretti fix by now :) Cheers!

  23. I can relate... i also have size 4 feet and finding corporate shoes is really difficult... when i found out about ferretti, i absolutely loved it! just bought sandals for the summer and it's really uber cute!


  24. I also have size 4 feet! :) and I found out about feretti just last month @glorietta 5 and I bought my first pair then. Looking forward to buy more shoes fr them every pay.. :))

    used to have shoes fr confetti but they don't operate now, good thing i found out about feretti, what a relief! <3

    - anet solares

  25. Hi, I also have small feet. I could wear shoes as small as size 1 up to size 5, but my standard size is 3. >.<

    It's really hard to find shoes that fit, especially if you have to wear them for business or special occasions. I remember buying wedge sandals from Feretti. They're a blessing from heaven. Hope they could also make pumps and other high-heeled close shoes in smaller sizes.