Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Best Beauty Picks of 2011

I was able to try a lot of really impressive skin care products last year, but these are my favorites so far that work tremendously well with my sensitive skin. So, let me present my humble list of favorite products that I've discovered in 2011 and am still using today:

Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil - Php 190++

Who knew that this uber affordable product from Watsons can rival the cleansing oils of more expensive brands? This seemingly unassuming product can dissolve waterproof makeup and rid my face of impurities. It truly is a cleansing oil because it emusifies and easily washes off (some natural/organic "cleansing oils" don't emulsify and are best called tissue-off cleansers). I suggest following this with your favorite facial wash/cleanser for optimum results.

Clinique Derma White Bright-C Liquid Makeup SPF 38 PA+++ - Php 1,950

Possibly the most hardworking liquid foundation (in terms of sun protection), this product is so lightweight and  leaves a very natural, skin-friendly finish. I purchased my teeny bottle in Feb 2011 and it's still halfway full, talk about economical.

Clinique All About Eyes

Another stellar product from Clinique! I've tried lots of eye creams in the past, but I always go back to this. The lightweight and velvety finish + added caffeine helps minimize lines and slightly de-puffs my eyes. The clincher for me? I didn't get any eye irritations or allergic reactions (I've experienced quite a lot!), perfect for the thin, sensitive skin around my eyes.

Jane Iredale Dream Moisture Tint in Light - Php 1,850

I only reviewed this recently but I've been hooked since last year. This partnered with my Clinique Derma White liquid foundation is pure bliss as the Jane Iredale Dream Tint helps minimize oiliness and provides a very good base for liquid makeup, especially for ladies with combination-oily skin. It also has added SPF 15 and is sweat/water-resistant.

Available at Rustan's Beauty Source in Glorietta, Makati City. 

MAC Lustre in Plumful and Lustering - Php 1,000

I don't know about you, but I usually get bored of lipsticks within a month. I mean, with lipsticks going for as low as Php 150, you can't help but buy several all in one go. But I've noticed (and this rarely happens) that my MAC Lustres have been taking up permanent residence in my kikay kit. The answer is simple: I love the colors and the glossy finish. I love how lightweight they feel on the lips and how easy they are to apply and reapply. These are my favorite lipsticks by far: Plumful is a deep, MLBB plum shade perfect for day or night; while Lustering is my perfect youthful shade of pink.

Charm Dream Brow Duo - Php 300

Yes, yes, you can call me a late bloomer in the eye brows department, because I only started to pay real attention to my brows last year! And this little wonder of a product helped me realize that well-groomed brows do make a huge difference!

The Charm Dream Brow Duo has a very soft but dense angled eyebrow brush that is easy to use and picks up just the right amount of product. The spoolie, on the other end, perfectly brushes my brows in place and distributes the eyebrow powder for natural-looking finish. And who doesn't love the fact that it's so affordable and comes in a screaming shade of pink? Thanks to Sophie of Beauty & Minerals for sending me this for review, I owe you one! ;)

Available for purchase at

Share: What are your best beauty purchases for 2011? :)


  1. I noticed the pure beauty cleansing oil a few months ago but I was scared to buy it. Reading your remarks about it totally encourages me to try it. Thank you!


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  2. @Chriselle: Thanks, dear! Hope it works well for you, too. Pure Beauty also has the Cleansing Water and Cleansing Liquid, but my fave is this Cleansing Oil :)

  3. I just started using the Pure Beauty Cleansing Oil and I am obsessed with it! :)



  4. thanks for this list! will give that cleansing oil a try =D

  5. @Prettylittlepetite: Good to know! Love that it's so crazy cheap! Been using mine since August and it's still halfway full :D

  6. Hmmm, I gotta have that Charm Dream Bow Duo brush!

  7. @Sai: Yes, go! Beauty & Minerals even has a vegan version of this brush :)

  8. Grabe i super love the brow duo brush too!!