Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to care for permed hair

I've been enjoying my permed hair, thankyouverymuch. However, since my hair is uber sensitized from coloring and perming, my stylist says I should devote more attention and use products that not only condition but moisturize my dry ends.

I was advised to use a hair masque everyday in place of my regular conditioner (yep, he figured it was that dry). I didn't really mind, since I had lots of stuff to use at home anyway. So lemme share with you all what I use to care for my dry, chemically-treated hair.

Shampoo & Conditioners

No that is not a typo, I use only 1 shampoo and alternate two conditioners. These are my tried and tested favorites, they may cost more than your store-bought brands but I swear, they do the job pretty darn good.

The Re-5 Keratin Daily Shampoo was one of the products I got at an event and I can't stop using it. I even transfer the contents to a smaller pump bottle for travelling. It's a non-sodium chloride, clarifying, sulfate-free, gentle shampoo that effectively lathers and cleans my hair and scalp. It's so gentle that it leaves my hair soft and tangle-free, and not crazy squeaky clean. This is meant for daily use but I only shampoo every other day.

Its partner, the Re-5 Keratin Daily Conditioner is a light conditioner that effectively moisturizes scalp and detangles curls as well. Remember, the cardinal rule of permed hair is to never comb your hair. Okay, well, I cheat and use my fingers to comb my hair in the shower but that's it -- I just scunch and twirl my hair the rest of the day.

The Re-5 shampoo and conditioner are products that were made especially for hair that has undergone Keratin treatments (I had one last year), so it also helps maintain the shine and luster of hair. They're expensive at Php 1,100 a pop (sold separately), but if you've undergone expensive treatments like mine, it makes sense to go through great lengths to protect your investment; in my case it's my hair.

Next up is my TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Conditioner (click for my review) which I consider more as a treatment masque because of its sheer potency. I only have to apply a small amount to coat my hair, and then wear a shower cap for 2-5 minutes in order to achieve really soft, manageable hair. The scent is heavenly, too (Papaya Chill Pill...Mmmm...)! I don't use this everyday though, just on really special occasions because it's expensive at Php 1,930 and I'm cheap like that, haha :)

Treatment Hair Masks

These are the other products I use which are -- ta-daah! -- drugstore brands. Who doesn't love Pantene, right? The one with the gold cap is Php 199 while the Curly Treatment variant is from Duty Free (a gift).


Having permed hair definitely is low-maintenance but it's not wash and wear hair, mind you. You'd still have to exert some effort to maintain the curls and style it accordingly. The only product I use to style my hair is Alberto V05 Curl Defining Mousse (Php 220) which I apply to my hair when it's about 75-50% damp (srsly, these numbers matter). I first shake the container vigorously because I want to make the mousse as airy as possible, then pump a small ball of mousse, press my palms together and apply it via a scrunching motion.

And then I just air-dry and avoid touching my hair til it's fully dry. And this is the result:

And oh, one last tip: it helps to have happy monsters in the shower :)

presenting, my bathroom mat
That's it! Care to share your own hair care tips? I'd love to hear yours :)

Re-5 Keratin Daily Shampoo & Conditioner is only available at Creations Salon. 
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  1. hi ate...any suggestions for colored hair? =).. i had my hair colored last dec 31...for a change..hehehe...

  2. @Mhereijoy: Congratulations on your new hair color! I think maintenance for our hair should essentially be the same, just shampoo every other day with a mild (if possible, non-SLS) shampoo, then condition everyday and deep condition once a week :)

  3. Awesome tips! I also had my hair permed but it was last October. My personal hair care tip for permed hair is to brush my hair with a paddle brush before I sleep at night and before showering in the morning to distribute the natural oils that my hair has in each strand,to make the curls look more natural after showering and to remove tangles. I also use a detangler spray and hair mousse on damp hair to make my hair look fuller.

    I am your new blog follower! :)



  4. @prettylittlepetite: Hi there! Thank you for the tips :) I rarely brush my hair though, it's short so it doesn't have lots of tangled ends :D