Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Win a Leyende Shower Caddy! - CLOSED

Welcome the holiday season with smooth, oh-so soft skin with these shower must-haves from Leyende! This giftable shower caddy is made of recycled cardboard and contains Leyende's top selling products:

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4. Answer this question:

Which Leyende advocacy is closest to your heart and why?

**Choose from UNICEF, Project H.O.U.S.E. College Education Fund or Marillac Women’s Shelter 

5. Spread the love! Blog about the contest using our official photos, tweet about it on Twitter (link back to @kirasworld and @leyende) and rave about it on Facebook.

6. Post your answer below together with your name, email (the same one used to subscribe to my feed), Facebook, Twitter and blog links.

Terms and conditions:

* Contest will run until December 18, 2011. This is for Philippine residents only.
* Winners will be picked via random draw and notified via email.
* FREE shipping of prizes!

**replaced Shake It Off with Face Canvas


  1. Answer:Marilac Rehabilitation Center and Shelter for Abused Women. I would have chosen something to do with animals...But Abused women should also be prioritized...When one can abuse a woman, the more they can abuse animals...we all live in one world...We all need protection...


    leilani sonza

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  3. percel espina

    subscribed to your blog thru
    followed you in twitter thru username: fashionkhalessi
    liked Leyende on FB and followed on twitter
    Answer to question:
    Gawad Kalinga. I used to support the foundation way back in college.
    They have placed roofs to millions of homeless filipino families.
    Posted on FB:

  4. Hi girls! Please choose from the 3 Leyende foundations: Project H.O.U.S.E. College Education Fund, Marillac Women’s Shelter or UNICEF. Thank you :)

  5. Did all the steps above!:)


    I pick the Project H.O.U.S.E. College Education Fund because I believe that everyone needs an education and with this project, they can help a lot of students achieve their dream of finishing school and get a better life :)

  6. name: Angel Sagrado
    Facebook Name: Angel Sagrado
    FB URL:
    Twitter name: @angel_salupa
    Tweet URL:!/angel_salupa/status/145112533450240001
    Reblogged URL:

    Answer: I will choose UNICEF.. I believe that we must take care of our future, the children.

  7. Name: Angelyn Jolo
    Facebook name: Angelyn Jolo
    FB Post URL:

    Twitter name: einghielisangel

    Tweet URL:!/einghielisangel/status/145450130764611585

    My answer: I will choose Project H.O.U.S.E College Education Fund because for me education is very important. If you are educated then there is a big chance that you can have a better future.

  8. Name: Lovely Joy Merced
    Email Add:
    Facebook Name: Joy Merced
    Twitter Name: joyluck_614
    Tweet post:!/Joyluck_614/status/145496767616663555

    I choose UNICEF because its an agency of the United Nations responsible for programs to aid education and the health of children and mothers in developing countries. And I believe that children are the future so they should be healthy physically and mentally (through education)with the guidance of their mother.

  9. Janine Monasterial
    Subscribed via: janineblogsalot at gmail dot com
    Twitter: janinegenious
    FB: Janine Monasterial

    Answer: UNICEF! I want to do my part in giving a good future to the little ones who hold the future of the world.



    FB posted:

    ninmonster at rocketmail dot com

  10. name: myka cadaoas
    fb: xy-love shop
    twitter: nixiquita

    answer: Project H.O.U.S.E College Education Fund because for me education is severely important, it gives everyone a chance to a better future

  11. did all the steps!

    charmaigne grace gepana

    answer: i chose UNICEF because i stand for their vision, mission and goals. they provide programs especially for children in which we believe that the children are our future!/charmaignegrace/status/146059385121153025

  12. jeanne christine n. ramos

    answer: i choose UNICEF because they look after the welfare of children around the world. i believe that happy kids would grow up to be happy individuals that can greatly contribute to the world's progress.

    fb link:

    twitter link:!/dyin17/status/146088110869061632

    subscribed through :

  13. I'm all for women empowerment so I choose Marillac Women's Center.

    Keigh Jalbuena
    jalbuena dot keigh at gmail dot com
    Twitter: keighjalbuena

  14. UNICEF! I always wanted to be an advocate for children with opprotunities but doesn't meet it.

    Marie Danicia B. Castro

  15. joining! :)

    UNICEF! :)

    Gessa Marie C




  16. name: Crystal Lagman
    fb: xy-love shop
    twitter: @crystahal
    fb post:

    answer: World Vision because me as a victim of Ondoy here in San Mateo Rizal World Vision is the first one who helped all of us.They give us blanket,foods everything that we need and a half sack of rice too.So I'm very thankful to them.I can relate my life to them.World Vision is the organization that help all of us to have a better education as well and a better future that stores for us.

  17. joining! :)

    Answer: The advocacy really closest to my heart would be Project H.O.U.S.E. College Education Fund. Way back when I was in high school, I always took part in extra-curricular activities intra and inter school in relation with education advocacies. It was really crucial for me because when I was in my 2nd year in college, I almost quit school because of financial difficulties. Fast forward after 3 years, I am now teaching my students to never-ever give up on their hopes and dreams and never stop learning. :)

    name: theresa montino
    blog url:

    ~~~ hope to win! :)

  18. name Camille Quiambao
    email quiamoi_tres@yahoo,com
    Facebook vintagekawaii onlineshop
    Twitter link!/quiam/status/148406306510864385

    UNICEF is closest to my heart because I am an advocate of children's rights.