Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review: Monea Curl Defining Milk

Ever since I had my perm last month, I've been so fixated on my hair. I've been experimenting with various styling products that claim to maintain curls and define waves. I saw the Monea Curl Defining Milk one day while gallivanting in SM Makati, and since it was so affordable (read: only Php 99!) I just had to try it out.

Intensify your curls and define your waves! Curl Defining Milk is especially formulated with Polyvinyl Pyrolidine to help form and accentuate curls. It provides natural control with a touchable feel, creating shiny and moisturized curls without stiffness, frizz-free. It gives awesome definition and bounce to curly or wavy hair. With almond milk that leaves hair silky smooth and managable with lanolin oil that prevents hair from environmental or everyday styling damages, without stiffness or stickiness.

What it is:

It's basically a milky concoction that claims to define waves and curls, its consistency is similar to a leave-in conditioner. It gives soft-medium hold depending on how much you apply.

What I like:

  • extremely affordable - only Php 99 for 200ml!
  • defines and maintains my waves the whole day with its soft/medium hold
  • gives me piecey and shiny waves -- love!
  • does not make my hair smell funky even when I perspire
  • keeps hair frizz-free
  • tightly sealed upon purchase
  • sturdy plastic packaging -- already dropped this a couple of times but it's still dent-free
  • expiration date is printed on the bottle, mine reads Nov. 2014

What I don't like:

  • wish it came in a tube or a dispenser, the opening is too large
  • heavily scented, I don't mind but some people might (scent doesn't stay long on my hair anyway)
  • applying too much will result to crunchy hair
  • a little bit hard to find, not available in all malls

Check out the the Monea Curl Defining Milk in action at the World Trade Bazaar (am with my fab friends from Venus & Mars plus my sister):

that's me on the left! :)
I swear by the Monea Curl Defining Milk! I religiously apply this to my hair after every bath and then just wait for my hair to dry. It's great for those who want a low-maintenance styling product, or for those with straight hair that desire a temporary perm -- just apply this to damp hair and braid or put your hair up in a bun. You'll wake up to piecey waves the next day ;)

PS: The Monea Curl Defining Milk is included in Cosmo's "Top 20 Beauty Finds Below P1,000!" :)

Have you tried the Monea Curl Defininng Milk? What do you guys think? :)


  1. Ok I am getting this. I want a temporary perm!! :)) Where'd you get it in SM Makati? And ok there is something about putting my hair up in a bun the whole day and letting it down at night that is reaaaally appealing to me. Hahaha

  2. @Kari: It's on the lower shelf (as in feet level, haha) of the hair section. Apply this to sections of damp hair, braid hair tightly, then unravel the braids when hair is dry. You'll end up with gorgey waves :)

  3. This is also what I'm using after I had my perm a few weeks ago. I love the scent! =)

  4. Hi Kira! I had my hair digipermed last April and I've been using Monea since then. My locks still looks great up to know and I think it's all because of this little wonder. =)

    Oh... I use Organix Pomegranate Mousse every now & then but it doesn't hold the curls for long, only for a few hours and it's not cheap at 499. So I always come back to my beloved Monea. :)