Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Philippine Airlines 12 Days of Christmas Promo

My sister has been working with Philippine Airlines for 6 years already (can you believe it?!) I've been riding PAL since birth and am privy to upcoming promos and such, and you know I couldn't I resist a bargain so I was really excited to book some flights when I heard of the PAL 12 Days of Christmas promo.

What's all the hoopla about? Every day from December 14 to December 26, PAL will be releasing 12 exclusive and unforgettable promos on their website. Some of the deals will even rival my industry discount! *gasp*

12 days. 12 deals. I'm hooked! This early I know that 2012 is gonna be another awesome year! :)

PS: My sister and her sales team are doing double duty promoting this to all travel agencies, so here's a shoutout to all hardworking PAL employees out there :)

For more information visit 12 Unforgettable deals


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