Sunday, December 11, 2011

Make Way for Vestito!

I admit that I can be such a girly girl, I tend to stick to wearing dresses much to the chagrin of my boyfriend. I say, dresses are my default pieces because it's more fun to wear them and it's the easiest, really! A nice dress that fits + accessories and killer (but comfy!) shoes and I'm all set from meetings til dinner.

This was one of the things Vestito owner, Angela Operana-Batoon, and I discussed while getting prettified over at Creations Salon (where else!). She mused about how she started with the brand, wanting to wear versatile clothing that would take her from day to night with minimal effort.

"Vestito" simply means "dress" in Italian and aims to provide metropolitan women a place to find classic, highly feminine day-to-night pieces. The brand focuses on tops and skirts using mostly body-hugging jersey, satin and chiffon.

"I have always liked wearing a dress to work simply because to me it’s the easiest! It’s just one piece of clothing, I throw in bold accessories, a YSL bag and shoes to match and I’m off to work. When I change my shoes to ballet flats or nice metallic sandals, then I’m all set for Saturday brunch. It’s a great solution when you have a shopping budget to work with," Angela says.

“It’s frustrating when you have to prioritize; do I buy a chic weekend dress, an office appropriate get up or something dressier for my special night outs? I hope with this line, fewer women will have to worry about these sorts of problems.” Angela stressed. With this in mind, VESTITO aims to make shopping easy for women on a budget as most items range from Php 1,100 to Php 2,800.

my blue tiered jersey top
And true enough, when I got my Vestito top I couldn't stop wearing it! It's surprising how a one-size-fits-all top clings well to my small petite frame, the jersey fabric swishes across my skin and the tiered ruffle design gives the illusion of fullness (if you know what I mean). I certainly need to add more layers to my thin frame.

Thank you, Angela, for this wonderful addition to my wardrobe! :) Check out the other Vestito dresses worth collecting, perfect for travelling, if I may say so myself as the jersey fabric is virtually wrinkle-free!

Vestito is available at The Ramp at Crossings, Shangri-la and online at Catalogue 63. For updates follow them on Facebook.


  1. Ooh great! Definitely will check them out. :)

    I like jersey material as my dress 'coz ironing it is never a pain. :P


  2. I have Vestito on my wishlist in Catalogue 63. :)) Their dresses look super nice!