Saturday, December 3, 2011

Leyende's Real Benefits Campaign

It's amazing how our country has managed to churn out indie companies that offer organic and all-natural alternatives in the last couple of years. I'm pretty stoked that we can now help save our skin and environment at the same time. However, there's simply one brand that's a cut above rest, and that is Leyende.

The name "Leyende" came from the Spanish word "leyenda", which means "legend" or "story". It started 3 years ago from a small kitchen where one woman learned to hand-mix eco-friendly natural and organic body products and has now transformed into a 140sqm workshop. It is in this workshop where founder and President, Neva Kares P. Talladen, trains and employs empowered women in the artisanal process of production, working with respect for the environment and pride in using one’s hands.

So what's so special about Leyende? Well, for one, its products are animal cruelty-free, eco-friendly and contain only ECOCERT-certified ingredients from licensed suppliers. It's simply not enough to churn out organic stuff, the Leyende team makes sure that all its ingredients are certified all natural and safe, grown in sustainable farms. There's no need for scare mongering here.

Secondly, Leyende also supports numerous advocacies whilst being low-key. And recently, they launched their "Real Benefits Campaign" with 3 limited edition products with embellishments designed by Sharon See and handmade by the Invisible Sisters Foundation.

So instead of adding to the culture of excess that each holiday brings, check out these truly beneficial gifts perfect for your loved ones (or for that person who has everything!):

All these are only Php 450 each!

Product: Clean Slate Pump Limited Edition, 100ml
Motto: “Wash away ignorance”
Advocacy: Project H.O.U.S.E. College Education Fund
Pledge: P100 per product unit sold is donated to Project H.O.U.S.E. (under Messy Bessy)

Product: Beach Bomb Wings Limited Edition, 50ml
Motto: “The Sweet Scent of Freedom”
Advocacy: Marillac Women’s Shelter
Pledge: P100 per product unit sold is donated to Marilac Rehabilitation Center and Shelter for
Abused Women

And my favorite (I'll review this soon):

hand-woven recycled plastic hugs the bottle
Product: Mother Butter Limited Edition, 100ml
Motto: “Save a Mother, Save the Future”
Advocacy: Maternal and Neonatal Healthcare program
Pledge: P100 per product unit sold is donated to UNICEF

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  1. This is actually one of the brands that I want to try. =) I'll be looking forward for your reviews.

  2. have you tried their perfume before?

    I think I spotted this brand previously while looking for sun protection products but I can't remember why I gave it a miss. But after looking through their site, I'm tempted again. :S

  3. @Vivi: Are you talking about Beach Bomb? I've tried it, but it's just not my kind of scent. Other people like it though :)

  4. Hi Kira, yes.. I think it's Beach Bomb.. what do you mean by "it's not your kind of scent"? Is it because it smells too natural? Does it smell citrusy?

  5. @Vivi: It smells floral and coconut-y, almost musky! I'm not saying it doesn't smell good, I'm just not into coconut and musky scents in general. But a lot of people like it though! :)