Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hairstyle Peg: Maggie Gyllenhaal

Earlier this week over dinner, I mentioned to Alex (who recently got a rockin' hairdo, check it out!) that I was kinda bored of my hair and I wanted to either go curlier, go shorter or get some fringe bangs. I told her I was interested with having short bouncy hair ala Maggie Gyllenhaal but I wasn't too sure how it would fly with my round cheeks and all. I wanted a classic bob with bouncy curly/wavy ends that looks unkempt and sexy. Am I making sense? Love, love Maggie, she always looks genteel and cute.

Anyway, seeing as it's the holiday season (read: lots of parties and reunions), this was as good a time as any to finally get a haircut

So this was my peg (from StyleHub):

And this is me (oooh, I even have the side partition down pat):

It's not a huge-ass change, but I'm happy that I don't look like the typical digitally-permed Pinay with looong locks that's half-permed and half-straightened. Love how bouncy the curls are and how "light" my head of hair is in general. And how E-A-S-Y it is to style my hair in the morning (I've been tamad to actually maintain my digipermed locks, hence they were looking kinda flat for the past couple of days).

What do you guys think? :)


  1. I love it Kira! You look lovely! Who did your hair? :)

  2. I love it! I wasn't too sold when you were telling me about it but now I can totally see you channeling Maggie! I can think of so many outfits that'll suit your new look. Wahhh when are we seeing each other?? I had a Christmas party kasi yesterday so I zoomed from Makati to Fort to San Juan xD

  3. @Vestito: Hi Angela, it's a different salon. I'll DM you :D

    @Alex: Thank youuu! I still can't imagine myself with half a shaved head! Galing mo!

    @Kari: Thanks, Kari! Happy Holidaze :D

  4. Kira, you look adorable! It looks very retro Hollywood movie star. I love it

  5. @Anna: Awww...super thanks, Anna :) How are you? Sorry no new necklaces for this year, too busy e.